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Let it be known, every nominee in this category caught the attention of The Write Reviews’ staff, but there were two artists who continued coming up in conversation enough to make a lasting impression. For the first time ever, The Write Awards has co-winners in a single category.



When it comes to G Tek the Ill Meta4, I feel his name gives off the wrong first impression. “G Tek” sounds like a name chosen by a one-dimensional trap rapper, and “Ill Meta4” paints the picture of an academic team nerd who has yet to graduate high school, but wants to be the greatest lyricist to ever be on a hip hop track. Put the two phrases together and you’ve got G Tek the Ill Meta4- the Wu Tang influenced, lyrical juggernaut with an album titled W.O.R.D. that should not be overlooked. Focusing on the lyrical aspect is what made G Tek stand out from the crowd, and he did not hide the heavy influence by the hip hop of the 90’s made on his music. G.T.I.M. is able to hang with any of the emcees who had an album reviewed over the last year when it comes to wordplay, metaphors, and punchlines. Not only is he on the right path, G Tek the Ill Meta4 is quickly approaching a level that many emcees wish to reach, but only a few actually land on convincingly.  

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Standing out from the crowd is a lot easier when everyone in the crowd falls into one category, except for one person. Bear Paris knows this to be truth. He also knows it can be very difficult to be accepted when you don’t fall in line with ‘the thing’ that everyone else is doing. If you are going to stand out from the crowd by being or doing something different, you better be damn good at it. As the first, and only, R&B artist to be reviewed on The Write Reviews’ website, Bear Paris seemed a little leery about how the review of his The Lovers album would turn out on a website where hip hop reviews dominate the scene. Still, Bear would not let that hold him back from having a review of his album posted for all to see. As luck would have it, the man known as being the toughest critic on The Write Reviews’ staff, Issac Sandoval, was assigned the task of reviewing The Lovers. With the odds seemingly stacked against him, Bear Paris was pleasantly surprised to receive four out of five stars on his album, and just as pleasantly surprised was Issac Sandoval and the rest of The Write Reviews’ staff, all of which are eagerly awaiting the next R&B album to be reviewed on the website.

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