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Winning the Most Improved Artist of the Year Award does not necessarily mean an artist went from being horrible behind a microphone to being great behind a microphone. Actually, there are several ways an artist can improve on their craft, and every true artist knows there is always room for improvement. Kleyn Kutt is one of those artists.

Constantly ready to make music, Kleyn Kutt develops and completes one project after another without looking back. He has an uncanny ability to take a thought or topic and create an entire album around that subject, creating an outline and building on that thought or topic before lacing his first track. He also tends to begin working on his next project before releasing his newest material to the public, as if waiting for the people’s reaction has no weight with him.

His ability to tell a story and develop an emotional connection with his audience was very apparent in his Good Morning World EP, an album that was reviewed on this website last year. The six track album didn’t showcase much more though, in terms of Kleyn Kutt’s creativeness and skill with the elements of writing.

Kleyn Kutt must have felt the need to branch out a little on his sophmore project, The Eleventh Letter. Maybe that’s not entirely true. It doesn’t really matter how it happened as much as it matters that it did happen, and what happened was Kleyn Kutt stepping out of the box he seemed to be in. The Eleventh Letter brings a couple of cypher style tracks, some punchlines, more wordplay mixed into the lyrics, and an even smoother flow to his lyrics with seemingly more focus on multiple syllable rhyme schemes. Put all of that together with his ability to paint real pictures with his imagery, tell a story like you’ve seen it with your own eyes, and being well-versed in using metaphors, and you have an emcee who has improved on his horizons in a big way.

Kleyn Kutt will be releasing another project for sure, possibly two, during the course of this next year. The Write Reviews will be right there to give everyone the scoop, and there’s no doubt that Kleyn Kutt will be aiming to Kleyn out The Write Awards next year.

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