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Sleep pushed out another competitive campaign with The Write Reviews this year after winning several awards last year, including Best Artist and Best Album. After having great reviews for three of his albums last year, Sleep only had one album breakdown on the website this year, but still managed to be in the running for multiple awards, defending several of them from last year. This year’s project, All Men Must Die… But You First, is a testament to Sleep’s diversity, depth, and most of all, his lyrical penmanship.

In the album All Men Must Die… But You First, Sleep incorporates storytelling, wordplay, punchlines, and multiple syllable rhyme schemes in every one of the nine tracks that form the entire album. All of these writing elements are heavily considered when debating who the best lyricist should be, yet Sleep is able to stand out from the crowd by using one of the elements in writing that isn’t usually one of the first considered, but still remains to be a powerful and incredibly important area when it comes to music and song lyrics. Of course, I’m referring to metaphors, and in All Men Must Die… But You First, Sleep shows the hip hop world exactly how masterful he can be with metaphors. You would not be likely to catch it during your first couple of listens through the album, but every single track on All Men Must Die… But You First is a metaphor about one of the major epidemics that humans have endured over the last century or two. Sleep’s songs are so well-written, even the seasoned ear of an expert poet would be unlucky to catch the metaphors and comparisons during the course of the album. 

All Men Must Die… But You First nearly landed Sleep another classic status rating here at The Write Reviews. Maybe more importantly, Sleep proves to keep intelligent and interesting content consistent in his music. He’s becoming more than competition for the other artist who have been reviewed on the website; he’s probably the top target to take down for any artist wanting to make a name for themselves in hip hop’s underground. Sleep will have his chance to challenge  in the categories for The Write Awards again next year as he has more projects to release and be reviewed. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the streets!

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