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To be the best you don’t always have to beat the best, and Brooke ‘BK’ Archilla was able to prove exactly that over the last year.

While nearly every artist has spent the last year, or several years for that matter, competing with one another and trying their best to stand apart from the rest, Brooke ‘BK’ Archilla decided to go a different route. Opening herself up to fans by interacting with them in conversation about real issues, real feelings, and real life, Brooke was able to come into her own and become a leader as well as a beacon of light for many people on a weekly basis. Rarely concerned about what the next artist was doing, Brooke chose to focus on uplifting people and being a positive influence while revealing things she dealt with day-to-day. This enable fans to connect with her on a deeper level, and resulted in the audience of her craft realizing they related to the words she pushed through the microphone on an emotional and very personal level.

Let My Music Speak is an album to be well-received by fans of all genres of music, while showcasing Brooke’s fantastic voice range as she switched from singing from her soul to spitting hard, in-your-face lyrics effortlessly. The 11-track album included features from Doc, Big Rube, and the platinum-selling Nappy Roots that gelled together extremely well, yet never took the spotlight from Brooke’s magnificent talent, emotional delivery, or well-executed rhyme schemes. Her hooks/choruses are addicting, to say the least, and compelling as they connect every verse smoothly while creating an overview for each track that puts everything into perspective for the mind’s eye of anyone listening.

While every element of her music is presented practically with perfection, it’s the stories shared behind her lyrics and the delivery of those lyrics from the heart that will reach out and touch anyone within earshot, captivating while creating an audience if there wasn’t an audience already in tow. Listening to Let My Music Speak in its entirety will not only bring a smile to your face at some point before pulling tears from the corners of your eyes in the blink of an eye, Brooke has the ability to walk with you as you experience every emotion during the course of the album, and  leaves you with the desire to begin the journey all over again once the album reaches its finish.

If there was an artist who gave me a pleasant surprise at nearly every turn over the last year, whether it be through music, or personal conversation regarding our professional stances in music, or even the interaction observed between artist and fan that was always presented with more of a unifying respect shared among lifelong friends, then Brooke ‘BK’ Archilla is the artist who fits that mold before expanding beyond the boundaries of that very mold in an effort to show everyone she will not be confined to the labels or restrictions put in place by people who lack an open mind. Brooke ‘BK’ Archilla has done more than earn the respect of the staff at The Write Reviews; she has also earned our ongoing support in all of her future endeavors.

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