24 Featured Tracks of the Year ’16-’17

24 Featured Tracks of the Year



Naming a strict song list of 24 tracks and claiming those tracks to be the best out of more than six hundred songs would be foolish. Debates could rage on for weeks over which tracks deserve to be on such a list and which ones don’t.

For a list like this to be fair, accurate, and true to the artists as well as the fans, this process began by determining the top 24 albums out of the 60 albums reviewed during the last year. Making a list of top albums is a lot easier than singling out 24 songs when there’s such an incredibly high number of tracks to chose from. After the albums were selected, one song from each album was chosen from each album based on overall appeal, artist/album representation, and a few other factors. The bottom line comes to you in the form of twenty-four tracks that showcase the best artist of the underground over the past year here at The Write Reviews. These 24 Featured Tracks have been put together in a super album of the underground…better known as The Write Hip Hop Album Vol. 2. You can download a FREE copy for your listening pleasure by heading to The Write Reviews’ Bandcamp page.

1- “Brick By Brick” by Noah Yount feat. Horseshoe Gang

2- “Monster’s Ball” by Playboy the Beast, Big Shot, Samson Samson, and Dubbs

3- “G Thang” by Hei$t

4- “I Get It’ by Physicz

5- “Lay The Pipe” by B of Dakota South feat. Hopsin

6- “Live” by The Fatboy

7- “Inhibitions” by Kleyn Kutt feat. Peace and Chin

8- “Energy” Scriptz feat. Aja Lorraine

9- “We Know” Chi Money

10- “The Lovers” by Bear Paris

11- “Memories” by AxBo

12- “Never Change Again” by Hiatus feat. D-Nero and Daniel Lee

13- “Role Model” by Myndframe

14- “Giving Up” by D Craze the Destroyer

15- “New Crack Epidemic” by Sleep of The Fraternity

16- “Opinionated Romance” by E the Rapper

17- “My Way Thing” by Brooke ‘BK’ Archilla

18- “Find Out Quick” by Murda D feat. Dubbs

19- “Whole New Level” by Skribbal feat. The Jokerr

20- “Raw” by Illitant

21- “Rhyme Form” by G Tek the Ill Meta4 feat. Merkules and DJ David

22- “Hard As F-ck” by Raw B

23- “Oblivion” by DDawg the FallChild feat. The Jokerr

24- “The Gods Must Be Crazy” by Noah Yount feat. Fresh Air