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(an album by Noah Yount)

Some may question the winner of this category because of two albums receiving a higher rating in their reviews, but the album reviews are based on the opinion of one person and isn’t actually a collective’s view point. We have to take that into consideration when naming the winners at The Write Awards, and when it comes down to the overall enjoyment by the majority of an album on a track for track basis, the fight for the finish was neck and neck between two albums. The winner between the two had to be compared and contrasted, laying everything on the table for both albums to see which had the slight advantage over the other. Renaissance Man came out with the victory, but barely.

Renaissance Man is a very diverse album, as nearly every one of the nineteen tracks touches on different subject matter and has something for every age range. Noah Yount does get an assist from a few featured artists, which are well placed during the course of the album, but the focus is never taken away from Noah on any of those songs. Every instrumental on the album is well orchestrated, and the transitions between songs go over rather smoothly. By the end of Renaissance Man, nearly every person in the audience will have a desire to find out more about Noah Yount and will likely seek out any other albums the Wisconsin-raised, Japan-residing emcee has released.

If there are any independent artists out there who would like to know what an underground classic sounds like, Renaissance Man fits the bill. As far as hip hop fans are concerned, Noah Yount brings everything you can want and more with Renaissance Man.

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