Underrated Emcee ’15-’16

Underrated Emcee of the Year



To be underrated at anything is to be overlooked, to a degree almost equal to not being a factor at all. While many underground artists are automatically considered underrated, this is a time when everyone claims they can rap. To be underrated in the underground is as bad as it can be for a lot of artists who are trying to simply get the props they deserve.

While E-Dub can play the arrogant card, especially among his friends, the truth of the matter would be his incredibly humble nature. In his music, E-Dub typically speaks about real life situations and events that have happened in his life, or he makes tracks that uplift or make people want to dance. Although he can be found bragging from time to time on a song, E-Dub is more about making others feel good or help them through tough times.

The core fan base is usually how you can tell if an artist is overrated or underrated, and at this point the Mostly Paper Productions’ head honcho should definitely have larger numbers in terms of listeners. If you give E-Dub’s music a chance, you are likely to agree that this is an artist with an incredible upside and will probably begin digging through more of his music immediately.

Other than a few appearences as a featured artist, E-Dub gained the attention of The Write Reviews with his “Overrated and Undereducated” album, nearly achieving a classic rating due to the diversity, entertainment, and depth the collection of 17 songs has for everyone to enjoy.

E-Dub’s Album


E-Dub’s Featured Articles
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