Surprise Artist ’15-’16

Surprise Artist of the Year



When it comes to declaring a winner, this was one of the hardest categories to judge because of all the talent between the nominees. Several artists could have been named the winner without question, but after careful thought and reflection on the matter, it was Enkay 47 who came out on top.

Enkay 47 is a young emcee who recently released his first album,Welcome To My Mind“, an EP which has intentions of introducing the artist to the world of hip hop. It succeeds, and surpasses expectations with ease.

Although it was one of the last albums that were reviewed to be eligible for the first annual celebration of The Write Awards, “Welcome To My Mind” showcases an incredible amount of potential for Enkay 47. The artist proves his lyrical ability throughout the album, displays his collaborative capabilities on tracks with E the Rapper and Jessica Paige, provides a great selection of instrumentals for listeners to bump, and has an entertaining microphone presence. By the end of the album, listeners will want to hear more of Enkay 47’s music.

Enkay 47 has impressed plenty of fans and artists over the last several months. He won the Anno Domini contest a few months back, named the Grand Prize winner out of hundreds of sumbissions. Using the prizes from the contest to his advantage, Enkay 47 has invested into his music and pushing his material out for the masses.

Enkay 47’s Album
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