Best Lyricist ’15-’16

Lyricist of the Year



Let’s be real- there are several emcees who have proven they are more than capable of lyrically enhancing every verse they drop. The difference between the other guys and Loose Logic begins with work ethic and ends with diversity.

Whether it is a track that bashes wannabe rappers or a song centered around a love story, Loose Logic finds a way to incorporate wordplay, metaphors, and other elements of writing into every verse. He doesn’t just write lines; he builds them.

To say other artists aren’t hard-working would be foolish and far from the truth, but Loose Logic has set the bar and raised it over the last year. Loose Logic released three albums over the course of a year, beginning with his “Perception” LP, putting “Loosid Dreams 2.5” in the mix, and dropping the “Open Door Policy” EP that earned a classic rating at The Write Reviews. Three albums in one year didn’t slow the emcee down, as he began working on  his first rock album as well as “Loosid Dreams 3”, another addition to his mixtape series. As if all of that wasn’t enough, Loose Logic continued constant contact with fans and fellow artists through social media, combined forces on collaboration tracks, and even penned an article as a guest writer at The Write Reviews titled “Loose Logic On Lyrics“. While we’re at it, we should remember Loose Logic has a full-time job and his wonderful daughter, too. The average independent artist should be able to relate, at least, while the average everyday working man couldn’t imagine dedicated themselves to so many different things.

Even after earning several accolades at The Write Reviews over the past year, Loose Logic stays humble and pushes harder to be a better artist. He is willing to work with many different types of artists, opening himself up to being versatile and to expand as an artist himself.

Loose Logic’s Albums
Loose Logic’s Featured Articles
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