Flow/Delivery ’15-’16

Flow/Delivery of the Year



Cryptic Wisdom is one of the most versatile emcees to be featured at The Write Reviews over the last year. Whether it’s a lyrical tirade, a personal situation he needs to vent about, or an uplifting track geared toward kids being bullied in school, Cryptic Wisdom will put together quality work that’s entertaining and appealing for fans.

Where Cryptic Wisdom truly excels with his music, though, is with his flow and delivery. Not only does Cryptic Wisdom slip and slide through his rhymes with ease, but he has a voice that can draw people off all ages into any given track. He has a knack for producing catchy hooks any time he fills that slot on a song, which only adds to his appeal for people because of how easily his lines get stuck in their heads. A lot of the artists featured at The Write Reviews have a fantastic flow and delivery, but Cryptic Wisdom is able to rise slightly above the rest with his consistency, emotionally involved delivery, and charismatic shift from bar to bar with a finessed flow of words.

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