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To be the best artist, you have to consistently put out great music! There is no question about Sleep’s ability to do exactly that.

Over the last year, Sleep had three albums reviewed at The Write Reviews. Two of those albums, The Definition of Insanity (as one-third of Lithium, with Nick Pedigo and The Gonz Beats) and The H.W. Bush/Clinton Era, were released during the past twelve months. The other album, Branded: The Damon Winton Story, was released a couple years ago. Of these three albums, two of them were given a classic rating at The Write Reviews while the third was given 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Sleep’s ability to put out music people can relate to has resulted in a dedicated fan base for the emcee. As a co-founding member of The Fraternity, this consistency has rubbed off on the other members, motivating them to step it up a notch every single time they spit into a microphone. The Fraternity’s long-term instrumental engineer, The Gonz Beats, has felt the push from Sleep as well, being the beat man for The Definition of Insanity and splitting the job on The H.W. Bush/Clinton Era with Wonder Breed.

Sleep doesn’t only put out great audio tracks, but also has many outstanding visuals that have been released through YouTube. Compiling well over 350,000 total views, Sleep’s music videos have proven to keep his fanbase pressing play.

If I had to choose one artist out of all the artists featured on The Write Reviews over the last year to become the next big deal in hip hop, I would have to choose Sleep of The Fraternity.

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