Interview with CrimZn

Warren Peace (WP)-
How’s everything going, CrimZn? Glad you could take a little while to let us learn more about you. I have a routine involving three questions to begin these interviews: Where are you from? Who were your first influences in hip hop? And what is the hip hop scene like where you are from?

CrimZn (C)-

Yo bro! I’m doin great, fam. Things are really just going really good for me. Not just musically, but in work and personal life everything is poppin off right now. I was born in Scranton PA, but in my younger years I moved to Philly. I lived there for many years. Shout out to my fam still out there. Gus out there in Kenzington, doin his graphic design stuff. All my friends and fellow artists I’ve met from there. I’ve also spent a good few years living In Birmingham, Alabama. Shout out to my OMOB family out there, 205 b-ham, Bessemer AL. They know who they are, but I am back in my birth place of Scranton, PA where we all pretty much consider this as one of the main hubs of the entire NEPA hiphop scene. the whole 570, Wilkes-Barre, hazelton and more there is mad talent in the NEPA and a lot of people be sleepin on so many extremely talented wordsmiths and other artists alike, I came up in the hardcore music scene playing in bands such as XscrapX, Subsist, In The Eyes Of… and more even during this whole time growing up in the hardcore scene I still was a hiphop junkie always wrote poetry and listened to hiphop, like rakim, nas, mob deep, outkast, wu tang, pac, biggie, to many dope artists to ist that I came up listening to but id have to say by 2 biggest influences are Nas and Zach De La Rocha from rage, even carly coma from candiria and e-town concrete were influences, even dwonset, not many hiphop heads probably know who some of these groups are but they infused hiphop into there music in one way or another, most people would think Eminem would be my influence which actually isn’t true cause ive been writing lyrics since before I heard of em, but I have been influenced by him some after I did hear of him when he dropped that free sampler album that was bouncing around everywhere.


The Blasphemous Prime Files is an interesting title for an album. Can you tell us the background of how it was chosen?


Yea as a kid I had the voltron toys the transformers toys I’m into all that and comic books and all that shit and optimus prime was my favorite out of them and I am spiritual and have been called a blasphemer by many people for some of my content, which I don’t agree with or get because its just lyrical expression most of my lines need, to be broken down and explained analytically for some people without a certain type of ear to get so I’m the type of emcee that likes to make up for own wordws and shit like this one albus I called KILL-aborations, also one was gonna be called forealadelflowetix, if yawl understand yawl understand if not then oh well haha… but its just as simple as the irony that I’m not truly blasphemous and optimus prime is my fav, and the album is the files yamean haha hope that explains that


Do you have any previous albums, and if so, do you have them streaming online? Are you currently working on any projects?


I got 2 albums on bandcamp, yawl can hit and they are pretty much free because I have it set to pay what you want even if you put 0$ you can still download the albums and I have a mixtape on called KILL-aborations its all collabs, so the title is easy to know why I called it that, I think I saw necro drop an album or song or something called the same thing but I dropped mine before whatever that was came out, I might be mistaken on the artist but someone did. and of course The blasphemous prime files can be streamed downloaded or ordered physically from whatever your streaming site preference is, and I was part of a mixtape by the group Evolution theres an album by Evolution its just called Evolution Volume 1 that’s not online yet but if anybody wants a copy they can hit me, juke drastic, Gov L or raptor romanello up on the book and we can figure it out, and I am currently workin on a mixtape wit my ace Gov L, the title is up in the air still, but we just hit the lab last night to wrap up a couple tracks 1 called Fuck you disrespectfully, and one called Aliens Wave with me Gov L and out homie PaceWon, any true hiphop heads will know that name, Outsidaz fame… yamean we fucks wit pace heavy


You have quite a few featured artists on the album… Do you feel that helped your creative process? Why or why not?


yea it helped like when I did my track with pacewon I actually rewrote my verse cause he came wit it hard so I had to step my bars up on that one and every feat I do is kinda similar ill see what they do and either match the content or step my bars up, it all depends sometimes I come the hardest from the jump,


What do you feel you bring to the table in hip hop? Do you feel life you’ll be an emcee for many years to come?


I bring raw emotion in my lyrics, I write punch lines too but even when I write a punchline it aint gonna be bout nothin that aint true tome or what ive been through lived through or seen, coming from the hardcore scene to hiphop gives me a diff style I feel, a lot of dope emcees came from hardcore to hiphop not gonna name em all causeif you know the hardcore scene then youll know who does hiphop from that scene, andhell yea ima be a emcee for more than many years to come bro, I was born a poet, hiphop is my outlet, without it I don’t know what id be doin but most likely be in rehab to be honest wit ya or dead idk, but I aint quitten even if I fall back from th shows and shit ill always make music that’s a give in…


Are there any artists you would like featured on your next project? If so, who are they?

I’m not to concened with features for this next project, we got one wit pacewon already but I’m kinda fallin back on the feature thing well the project I’m workin on nhow is a CrimZn-N-Gov L album or mixtape I’m not sure if its gonna be a album or mixtape yet its to early to tell but we got like 4 to 6 tracks just about done already and I put a verse out like every day at the least, like not record it every day but write every day, numerous times a day, writers block aint a issue for me, but just for interviews sake if I was able to pick one or 2 artists to have on my album or just on a track wit me id want yelawolf and or tech n9ne, and I mean who wouldn’t but yea id murder trax wit them any day


Growing up as a kid, can you tell us about one of your proudest moments?

So something from my kid years ok, I was in a car accident in the year 97, before I get into me, my best friend at this time was this beautiful girl Katie morris we was in this tiny ass car like a hatchback and got t boned by a huge dually truck the car got so destroyed it crushed in the middle and the steering wheel cut right through Katie stomach, she didn’t make it, RIP Katie, ill carry her memory till my death, but I had to be extracted from the car wit the jaws of life I was flatlined for like many many minutes, they brought me back obviously cause I’m still here but I was in a coma for a month and broke and shattered entire left side of my body I’m talkin from the head down to feet, even my jaw shattered like glass, so they said I wasn’t gonna walk again, so my proudest moment in life is overcoming that doing all the physical rehab I did and getting out of that wheel chair, even though it was kinda dope this one show my boys Richie krutch and mad joe from the band krutch back then now they wisdom in chains, brought me up on stage in the wheel chair for the show, but yea getting out that situation and becoming who I am now is my proudest moment, btw shout out to my boys in wisdom in chains, if any yawl into hardcore check them out they by far the greatest in my opinion


Before we finish here, would you like to give everyone links to your social media accounts, your website (if you have one), and where they can find your music online?

C- yea yawl can get at me on

my Instagram is @therealcrimzn

you can google me on youtube and find my channel

for any industry cats check out my presskit at

and I wanna thank you for the opportunity to do this interview shout out to the writereviews its refreshing seeing people other than emcees doing something for the culture. peace love and hiphop to everybody… BATTLEAXEWARRIORS4LIFE ya man CrimZn


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