Interview with Sammy SirCharge

Warren Peace (WP)-

Thanks for joining us, hip hop heads! Of course, I’m Warren Peace and I’ll be asking the questions today. On the other side of the fence is Sammy Sircharge, and he will be the one with the answers.

I appreciate you giving your time to let the people learn more about you, Sammy. It’s a little redundant, but I feel the best way to kick things off is with the following three questions- Where are you from? Who were your first influences in hip hop? And last, what’s the hip hop scene like where you’re from?

Sammy Sircharge-

First off, I’m glad to be here disclosing a little more behind who I am as an artist. You know I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and some of my biggest influences would be first my producer, and friend, Darius Beatz, and in the industry world I would have to say LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Method Man, Nas, Outkast, Tech N9ne and the Strange Music crew. I think they’re all dope. There’s so many others I could name, those are just the first that came to mind. As far as the Hip Hop scene in Albuquerque, it has yet to get off the ground. There are artists out here doing their thing. We have a few promoters bringing in some heavy hitters that are letting local artists open and be heard. Support for local hiphop is slim here. I think its a matter of time, skills, and hustle to get the hype going in a positive direction.


If I’m not mistaken, you recently released a self-titled double disc project as your debut album. What can you tell us about the “Sammy Sircharge” album and what were you able to learn during the process of putting this two-disc project together?



Yes, I have recently put out my debut album. When I first put this album together. It was all going to be on one disc, which still could of happened. After getting the songs done, I felt there were two flavors on the album. I was making music from two different vibes- one more towards the women and clubs and the other half was more like music to get hype with the crew, so I decided to split them up on two discs. The host announcements on the first disc are separate for the digital world, that way the consumer can take a trip the first time just for some grins. With the second disc I wanted to throw the radio DJ out and show my independent side. Originally, the DJ skits were going to be mixed as part of the tracks. But, as you mentioned in the review, I didn’t want people to get annoyed by having to hear the skits over and over so, in the digital world, they can simply remove those tracks from their playlist and the listener won’t have to skip anything.

The Sammy SirCharge album was supposed to come out 2 years ago. That was when I was supposed to introduce myself and my music. My producer, Darius Beatz, and I were about 6 songs into it when we had just finished recording my feature with Stevie Stone, “Scarub”. Darius Beatz was mixing my Rigo Luna feature track and another friend had a feature with Krizz Kaliko. So on Christmas my producer friend went on a hunting trip and someone broke in my producer’s place an took all his studio equipment!!!! With that said, it was gone -all of it- all of our team’s shit was gone. Luckily, I had backups of my music files, but we lost everything we used to record and there was stuff that hadn’t been backed up. It took about a year and a half to rebuild the studio equipment and record everything. I recorded in other artist friend’s studios, while we didn’t have equipment, just to get my fix. Long story short, we hustled. Now I’m up in my own studio on the daily. I learned a lot of patience and beefed up on skills in the process of creating and writing this album. This album is only an introduction to what’s coming. I have a grip of other tracks done.


I really enjoyed the touch of comedy and how you simply seemed to be yourself through the whole album. Was that something you really wanted to have a presence on the album? Also, you had a few featured artists included, the most notable being Strange Music’s Stevie Stone. Were you excited about the opportunity to have him on a track or was it business as usual?


I’m glad you enjoyed my comedic approach with the skits. Being myself is exactly what I wanted to highlight. I believe the listener will appreciate me just being myself. This album has my heart and life experiences poured into it. It shows two sides to a story, my story.I believe there’s two sides to everything. People can hear both sides of my personality/story when listening to this album.

When I was getting a feature from a Strange Music artist, it felt like a dream that I thought I was gonna wake up from. I worked hard to knock down the doors to get in where I needed to. Yeah man, it’s dope to say that I’ve had the opportunity to work with and be in the studio with these incredible artists and on more than one occasion. Stevie Stone is real people man. I’m looking forward to do more work with him and other Strange Music artists.


What led to you become a hip hop artist, and is this something you see yourself doing for many years to come?


What led me to be a hip hop artist is the art of the storytelling in the music. I’ve been listening to hip hop and spitting my own bars since I was in middle school. To me, being in the studio with other hip hop heads bumping to a new beat and being creative is like therapy to release my mind. Been doing it for fun practically all my life. Now, I’m just seeing if they hear me.


Now that your debut album has been released, are you putting any kind of tour together, focusing on promoting and marketing your album, or have you began working on your next project?


At this moment of time, I’m working on some DOPE ASS music videos. The Sammy SirCharge album will be available at every major online music store. My promo gear is getting some fire threads. I’ve recorded a lot of new music in the two years since I created this album, and yes a tour and promoting plans are getting set in motion for 2017.



How do you feel the state of hip hop has changed over the last five years? Do you feel those changes have been good or bad for hip hop?


You know, the status of hip hop has been all over the place for the past few years. People are trying to find a new trend, trying to fit in and find the future of hip hop.

I don’t know if I’d say it’s good or bad; maybe it’s just evolution. I’d like to see more of a message in hip hop again.


What was the last thing, or who was the last person, that made a truly positive impact on your life?


There’s a lot of people that have been supportive with me and my music throughout the years. I’d have to say that, I’ve revamped myself from a very negative situations that started me back from square one. I used the negative to motivate myself to create a positive outcome.


Before we bring this interview to an end, would you like to tell everyone how they can follow you through social media and where they can find your album? Do you have anything else you would like to add to this discussion?


Yeah, come follow me; more music coming. Get this album before the next one hits!

Twitter (@sammy_sircharge):

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Here’s my
YouTube channel–hniElHtLukQ

I’m Also on Instagram and Snapchat under Sammy SirCharge

If you’re looking to get a Digital copy of my album, it’s available on CD Baby. It will also be available in the next couple weeks on all major digital music stores. Here’s the link for CD Baby

If you want a hard copy of my Album shipped you can DM me on any of my social accounts or email me

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Be sure to grab the debut album from Sammy SirCharge, everyone! It’s time for me to get back to work. I’ll have another interview for everyone soon! Peace!

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