Interview with R3DD L

Warren Peace (WP)-

Welcome to another question and answer session brought to you by The Write Reviews. I’m Warren Peace, and today I’ll be speaking with the United Kingdom’s very own R3DD L.
It’s good to finally get your name featured on the website, R3DD L. As I always do, I’ll begin everything with three questions to help everyone get some quick background on you. Where are you from, exactly? Who were your first influences in hip hop? And what is the hip hop scene like where you’re from?

R3DD L (RL)-

Hello, Warren, and thanks for having me. I’m from a place called Sheffield in England where we’ve had bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Def Leppard come from. My influences believe it or not are Corey Taylor, Tech N9ne, Hopsin and Tech N9ne. Although Corey is a metal artist, he’s the biggest reason I got into music. The hip-hop scene here isn’t overly great, but there are plenty of fans as well as other underground artists which is nice to see.


The word on the street is that you’re currently working on a project. What is the title of the project going to be and what can you tell us about it?


That’s correct. I’m working on a little EP/album called The Squad which is basically me featuring a bunch of other artists I’ve worked with in the past, which I think should be fun. It’s always good to work with people you’ve worked with before, you know? Especially when you know they’re going to bring some dope lyrics to the table.


Have you made any previous albums? If so, do you care to share the links for them? Or have you been featured on any other artists’ album before?



Yes, I have one out so far called Straight Outta Sheffield. You can check that out with this link:

With this album, I made it to try to help me find my sound, you know? It wasn’t brilliant in the eyes of some, but this was my first project and I think it helped me find what I’m doing now.


What is your favorite thing about hip hop? What about your least favorite thing?

As an artist, I don’t have a big fan base right now but I like the fact that a lot of artists I come across after they’ve heard my new stuff, I get some pretty good feedback from them. I’ve also been offered chances at collaborations, which they’ve liked. The thing I don’t like is that I’ve seen fans of artists absolutely slaughter each other online because of personal opinions on songs. Not everyone has the same opinion as everyone else and a lot of hip-hop fans seem to attack anyone with a different point of view, which is sad to see. I wouldn’t like to see people argue over my music, personally. It isn’t nice to see people act like animals.


Can you tell is about your first experience recording a song?


My first ever experience, I was 16. I’d gone to college and ran into a band who were rehearsing and ended up jamming with them. Ever since then, I was recording metal with them but that eventually went downhill. That’s why I wanted my own recording gear, so I could do it on my own.


What do you want people to get from your music when they hear it? What drives R3DD L to be a successful artist?

I just want people to see that I’m like everyone else. Even if I was HUGE, I wouldn’t see myself as higher than any one of my fans or fellow artists. A lot of my music is to do with what goes on in my life which I’m sure lots of people can also relate to. I’d love for my music to be able to help people… Basically speak to them to some degree. I want people to know they’re not alone and I’m here with them.


Just for fun, let’s ask something a little personal. What is something about yourself that only a few people know?


People near enough know everything about me but I guess it’d be that my biggest fear is spiders, believe it or not. They’re scary, creepy little things. Haha.


It’s almost time to bring this interview to an end. Before we do, would you like to give everyone links to your social media pages? Do you have a website you would like to share? Links to your music? Or maybe any last words to close this out?


I’d love to thank anyone for reading this and I also want you all to know, what I’m doing now is only the beginning.

You can find me pretty much anywhere! Facebook: … Twitter: … Instagram: … YouTube: … Snapchat:

My kindest regards.


That’s brings us to the end of the time we have for today. A huge thanks to R3DD L for joining me and thanks to all of you for dropping in to catch up with us and learn a little about the artist from the U.K.

Until next time, it’s back to the reviews for me…


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