Interview with Noble Dag

Warren Peace (WP)-
What’s good, hip hop heads? Warren Peace here on behalf of The Write Reviews. Today Ill be asking the questions and Dag is the guest that will be answering the questions.

Thanks for taking the time for this interview, Dag. You want to start by telling everyone where you’re from, who you first influences in hip hop were, and what the hip hop scene is like where you’re from?
Noble Dag (Dag)-
Whuddup, it’s Noble Dag here aka Daggy from the hip-hop duo with KP called Poetry In Motion, Hailing from Thompson, Manitoba. I’m honestly pretty new to hip-hop wasn’t really introduced to it until I met KP. I grew up listening to classic rock & punk but when my homie Dennis first showed Graduation by Kanye West, I was hooked. I think that’s when my love for urban music started, I love that album, from front to back, the production is amazing. I also really like A Tribe Called Quest, Shad, Edan, J Cole, John Smith, & Pip Skid. The scene in Winnipeg is bumping, there’s so much going on, with so many eclectics sounds all around. Shout out to: Abstract Artform, White Rhino, Tek-Pro, Frost Gamble, Foreign Objekts, Blackout Music, Deepcave, Streetkillaz, Rhymelabb, Feller, Grand Music Mafia, M.O.A, Hendo Bros, Winnipeg Boyz, Eskroe & Narcotic Doses, JTB, Daily, CJ the Grey, DJ Benz, Unity Sound Crew, Ari I.Q, Skryp, Beat Generation, Swamp Bush, Boogie the Beat, Sketch Williams, Dip, K-Dot, Dele-O, Pollyfree, Zega, Hotel Rooms, Infinity Zan, Antelopes and so much more! Can’t think of everyone right now but there’s just so much going on. 204 doing it right.
Recently, your album “Daggystyle” was reviewed at The Write Reviews. Is “Daggystyle” your first album or do you have previous projects that you’ve released? Are you currently working on any projects?
Daggystyle was my first official release as a solo artist. I’m originally from a hip-hop duo with my homie KP, and we are working on our debut, ‘Motion Sickness’. but Before Daggystyle I released a bunch of mixtapes & EP’s which can all be found for free at our bandcamp. Link Below.
What do you love about hip hop music and what drives you to be a hip hop artist?
Favourite part about hip-hop is the wide variety of styles within the genre. You can literally pull sounds from any genre and flip that shit into a beat. There’s so many different sounds to pull inspiration from that it makes making hip-hop always exciting. I always hear rappers complaining about paying for beats but really if you think about it. Without the beat there really is no song, like ya you could do some spoken word slam poetry shit, but without a beat, the rhymes lose their flare.
Can you tell everyone who five of your favorite rhyme spitters are and give a reason for each artist being one of your favorites?
Only have two that I can really speak on, one Canadian and one American.
1. Shad is just an amazing emcee, through and through, and just like Will Smith he doesn’t have to cuss to sell records.
2. J Cole, his rhymes relate to me most out of a majority of new school rappers.
In a crowd of hip hop artists, what would you say makes Dag stand out from everyone else?
The music I make. It speaks for itself, I’m not your average rapper.
Outside of hip hop, what are some of your favorite things to do, and what goals in life do you have?
Outside of hip-hop, I don’t really do much. I work to pay my bills and when i’m not working, I’m making beats, writing, filming & editing videos, practicing, recording, or performing. Hip-Hop is a busy lifestyle.
That’s just about all the time we have today. Would you like to tell everyone how they can follow you on social media and where they can find your music online? And do you have anything else you would like to add before we go?

None of what I’m doing would be possible without my homies. KP, Ralph Alpha, Khan Vikshyn, Babble’On, Blas, A-FiX, A Rebel Named Riel, J-Monk, Hoots, & Bola
‘Daggystyle’ available now at
Also on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Music, & more!
Social Media:
Twitter: @wetstewetstew
Instagram: @deschambeault
Facebook (solo): @nobledag
Facebook (group): @poetryinmotion204
Facebook (film): @NAPltd
Well, that’s all the time we have for today! I appreciate everyone taking a moment to read this! Don’t forget to grab Dag’s “Daggystyle” album!

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