Interview with Kayos

Warren Peace (WP)-
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Today I will be interviewing the up-and-coming lyricist known as Kayos.
How’s everything going with you, Kayos? I like to begin these interviews with the following three questions: Where are you from? Who were your first influences in hip hop? And what is the hip hop scene like where you live?>/span>

I’m from a small but growing town in California called Redding and I’ve lived here my whole life.
My first influences in hip hop would be Eminem, Tupac, Nas, immortal technique, NF, Slaughterhouse, Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, RA the Rugged Man, Kendrick Lamar, Atmosphere, and Denace. Although these were my first influences this line up has definitely changed since I first started making music.
The hip hop scene where I’m from, seems to be outdated, kind of dead, and lacks substance as far as artists go. Every once in a while I’ll hear someone that sounds dope but for the most part from what I’ve heard is some shit that doesn’t have a whole lot to it and lacks substance. I don’t know, I’m kind of off doin my own thing, making music and making a name for myself, not really focused what other dudes are doin so there could definitely be some really dope artists out here but I haven’t heard very many.
What caused you to decide you would become a hip hop artist? Do you feel you are passionate about hip hop enough to stick with it for the long haul?
Honestly I don’t even want to label myself and put myself in a box to be just a “hip hop artist.” I love all kinds of different music and don’t get me wrong hip hop is clearly a driving force behind my sound but I also love to mix sounds as well. I’ve always liked creating things even as a kid but I really fell in love with music when I was about 14 and that’s what I connected to the most. I could write how I was feeling and use it as a way to vent or if I just wanted to talk about something I wouldn’t necessarily be able to do with an actual person I had my lyrics to say what I wanted to. But I love everything about creating song, watching thoughts from inside your head turn into lyrics, then recording the lyrics and eventually watching what started out as idea become a piece of musical art is probably the most satisfying things about it for me.
If I’m not mistaken, “Kayos Theory” is the first project you’ve released. What have you learned, from an artist’s perspective, since releasing “Kayos Theory” that you will be applying to your projects in the future?
I mean I’ve done smaller projects before this album such as an EP. I even put out an album under a different alias that we will not talk about haha. But this album is the best quality music I’ve made so far at this point in my life and it really represents a point in time in my life that was really life changing. I’ve learned that there is always room for improvement and I’m still learning new things about music everyday so for artists to act like they’ve got things all figured out are full of it. My project I’m working on right now though is levels above my recent album “Kayos Theory” and I’m excited for people to hear my new sound.
I noticed there was a shout out or two in “Kayos Theory”. What can you tell us about the people you work with and have around you when putting your projects together?
Yeah I have a shout out to my homie Evil D I’ve been friends with since high school and we’ve always worked on music together. We even had a concept of making a duo album an idea which eventually fell through but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. Also I shouted out my homie Denace who I talked about earlier as one of my inspirations and honestly if it weren’t for him my music probably wouldn’t be where it’s one speaking technical terms such as recording vocals, flowing and even getting the right kind of equipment for a high quality home recording studio. When it comes to putting together my songs and building an album it’s just me doing it. Especially with the Kayos Theory, and anything before it, it’s literally just me working on it. I had some people listen as it was being finished up but once the recording was done I sent it off to my engineer Tynitty and that was it.
As an artist, when will you consider yourself successful, and what do you think it will take to get you there?
You can be successful and setting small goals for yourself such as creating an album and releasing it but to me I’ll consider myself successful when my fiancée won’t have work another day in her life, when I can buy myself a nice house, buy my parents a nice house. Also be able to give back to anyone else that has been down to ride from the beginning. When making music is my job and my family can live really comfortably then I can say I’m successful, till then we’re on the grind every damn day to get where we want to be
Outside of being a hip hop artist, what are some of the things you hope to accomplish in your life?
Outside of being an artist I hope to be happy. Simple as that. Obviously I want to get get married, have kids one day. I’ve already found happiness I just want to stay happy and stay in the state mind I’m in, cause right now life is great.
Before we bring this interview to an end, would you like to tell everyone how they can follow you on social media? Do you have a website, or links for everyone to hear your music? And is there anything else you would like to add?

Yeah follow me on all my socials, you can find my music there and all kinds of other stuff going on in my life.
Twitter: @iHateKayos
Facebook: @KayosMusic
YouTube: Kayos Music
SoundCloud: Kayos Official
Instagram: @kayos_musicLast thing I’d like to say before I go, thanks Warren thanks for having me and taking a listen to to my album and be on the look out for my new music it’s on another level. #TSFSG

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