Interview with Jade the Nightmare

Warren Peace (WP)-

Hello, everyone! The Write Reviews recently wrapped up its first year by recognizing many underground hip hop artists with The Write Awards. Congratulations to all of the artists who received awards, and a huge thank you goes out to everyone who witnessed the event!


I’m Warren Peace, writer of The Write Reviews, and we are about to kick off the second year of operations by interviewing Jade the Nightmare, the first female emcee to have an album reviewed on the website.


Hi, Jade! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for everyone! How are things going with you?

Jade the Nightmare (JtN)-

Thank you; (it’s) truly my pleasure. Things are great on my end!


With these interviews, I like to begin everything by asking where you’re from, who your first influences in hip hop were, and what is the hip hop scene like where you’re from?


I am from Denver, Colorado. Some of my first hip hop influences were Hopsin, Tyler the Creator, Angel Haze, and Eminem! The hip hop scene in Denver is real underrated. There is alot of talent here that deserves recognition and I’m ready for that to happen.



I have noticed you tell several people your music is “dark”. Can you explain what you mean?


Yes! To the average music consumer, “dark” music is not the main trend, so I always be sure to give people a sort of warning. Personally, I believe that any sort of pleasant thing in life can or does have a dark twist to it. Therefore, that’s where the main concept of my music has dispersed from.


It seems you are the self-proclaimed “Queen of Goth-hop”. What exactly is goth-hop? Do you feel like goth-hop brings something new and unique to hip hop fans?


Goth-Hop was formed a while back from the idea of mixing ordinary stories with a dark twist. I talk about anger, depression, and empowerment alot in my music, but rarely stray away from the dark side. I believe Goth-hop is simply my message to the masses that I will say what I need to and those who think like me are not alone. Gothhop is definitely something out the box and it is a pleasure to start this movement.


What do you feel your strengths as an emcee are? What about your weaknesses?


I definitely feel like my lyrics are my strong point. I feel like I always get my thoughts out and I try to release my emotions. However, as an artist, I understand there is always room for improvement and I have been told that I need to work on how my lyrics flow. That is what I am studying as of right now.


You have been able to work with quite a few artists. Do any of those performances from those collaborations stand out to you? What are the names of some of the artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?


Yes! I have put my heart into everything that I do and try my best to please the artist I am working with, but one song called “Strangers” featuring K-Quick definitely comes to mind when I think of one of my best collaborations from the lyrics to the story/plot. That’s just one of my personal favorites. In the future I would love to work with artists such as Angel Haze, Smallz One, and Tyler the Creator, which are just a couple of my icons.


Other than “Death Delight”, do you have any previous albums that people can look for online? Are you currently working on a project, or do you have any other future projects in mind?


The first true album I have ever released is titled “Everything’s Corrupt”. It is available through bandcamp. Although it is not up to par with my latest releases, I definitely think it’s worth checking out to get a glimpse of how much I have grown as an artist. Currently I am just working on small releases, such as solo (singles), but in the future I definitely plan to do more albums and collab with more artists!




Would you like to tell everyone where they can follow you on social media and where they can find your music online? Would you like to add anything before we bring the interview to an end?


Yes! Thank you all for checking out this interview! Much love !


This is my website :


I am on any social media from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc..


To check out my music its available on iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play, Bandcamp, and YouTube
Once again just search JADE THE NIGHTMARE


That’s going to be a wrap for today. Thanks again to Jade the Nightmare for joining me, and I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to learn something about the artist known as Jade the Nightmare. I’ll be back with another interview soon!

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