Interview with DDawg the FallChild

Warren Peace (WP)-
Thanks for stopping in, hip hop heads. I’m Warren Peace on behalf of The Write Reviews, and today I’ll be talking to an artist from Antistate Productions, DDawg the FallChild.
How’s everything going, DDawg? I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview with me. So, where exactly are you from? Who were your first influences in hip hop? And what is the hip hop scene like where you’re from?
DDawg the FallChild-
I’m doing great man, thank you for the interview and your time.
I’m originally from Middlesboro, KY but I spent my teenage life back and forth from South Bend, Indiana and Wheeling, West Virginia and ended up here in the Smoky Mountains. To tell you the truth, I still remember my first cassette tape. My uncle gave me his copy of LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out”, but I’ve been into hip hop and all genres of music my whole life. I’d have to say I made my decision to pursue rap the first time I heard “Creeping On Tha Come Up” by Bones Thugs (N Harmony). That EP changed my life. Groups like CrucialConflict, Do or Die, and especially anything (from) NO LIMIT. After years of personal struggle, struggles with music and family, I settled in Sevierville, TN where the hip hop scene pretty much is non-existant. I’ve got so much love for a lot of Knoxville, TN artists though. We always gotta hold the 865 down.
Just a handful of weeks ago, your album “Off The Leash” was given a track by track breakdown at The Write Reviews. How did you feel about the review when you read it and did you expect to receive a classic rating on the album?
We work hard at what we do everyday. But to have someone consider my project classic is something alot of artists try to achieve, but sometimes don’t reach. An artist just wants his vision seen by someone other than his or her self. Heard by others, invisioned by others.
I noticed you shouted out The Jokerr in the list of people you thanked and specifically mentioned discussions you had with him. Were those top secret talks or can you tell us a little background on it?
The Jokerr is definitely an artist I look up to when it comes to mixing and engineering. He also has an open mind musically and never holds back advice to help out other aspiring artists. Our conversations have consisted of the music business in general to music theory, and the aspects of a real artist and what it takes to accomplish a dream.
Antistate Productions appears to be stacked with a talented roster. Who is officially an artist with Antistate Productions and how was the labeled formed?
Myself and “Thracks” started this path back in 2014 , adding Kramsession not long after.We went through a couple of prospects and after sifting through the mud we came across”Stillborn” who we’ve totally bonded with as a brother, who originally is from Kentucky also. Antistate has been formed around a mind state, the anti mind state. This is not a movement, it is a way of life, a way of thinking, an “Antistate of mind”. We are force-fed from birth to believe what we are shown by our peers, parents, relatives, the school system and the government. If you have the “Antistate” of mind then you are not blind to what your made to perceive as truth. This goes for anything and everything, not just politics or religion, but emotions and feeling as well. There is definitely an underlying message, we wish to only enlighten.
I know you all are pumped to be doing a festival. How were you able to become part of such a big event and what details can you tell us about the festival? Do you have any other shows you will be performing over the next few months?
We came across these dope underground artists know as “Dead Kids” with Slaughter Visions records. Theese guys have been hosting this festival event for 4 years now. It’s a well known event around the area with vendors, great food, face painting, ect ect. This year the event welcomes the ” Axe murder boys” from psycopathic records and kottonmouth king member Chucky DGAF. I’m definitely super stoked to have my music take me to California. Sleeping in a studio and performing at a camping and festival style event feels like only the beginning to this ever expanding musical journey my company is taking.
What makes DDawg the FallChild not only stick out in the crowd of hip hop emcees, but also as a member of a tight knit crew? How do you keep your originality and style in the mix?
I truly consider myself more than a hip hop emcee, I’m honest enough to say that I’m not anywhere close to be being the best emcee. But when it comes to nusic , not just hip hop but chord arrangements, tone placments, verse bridge, hook structure , musical theory and writing music I know I can hold my own.
Several albums were pushed out of the Antistate Productions camp over the last year, if I’m not mistaken. Will the coming year see more of the same or has the focus shifted in a different direction for awhile?
We have planned that after California, people need a lot more music videos from our camp. So with that being said, the last 2 months of the year and the first few that follows will include many videos from all of our projects. But for the people who are always needing new music we may have a couple of surprises up our sleeves. And we definitely see a tour in the first quarter of next year.
We have to wrap it up. Do you want to tell everyone where they can find your music, updates on yourself and Antistate Productions online, and add anything else to the conversation?
I just wanna say thanks for the review man, all I want is people to give this project some attention, I know that’s all it’s gonna take. You can find all our projects and everything you need for digital listening at Hard copys, merch, services and much more at Facebook/ddawgthefallchild Twitter@Ddawg_music Twitter@antistatepro
I’m sure the festival is going to be a great time. Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions, DDawg, and to everyone for taking a look at the interview. I’m out!

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