Interview with Bobblehead

Warren Peace (WP)-
Hello, everyone! This is Warren Peace of The Write Reviews, and I am here with Bobblehead, an emcee who recently had a review on his album “No Sleep” posted at The Write Reviews. Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions, Bobblehead. As always, I begin these interviews with three questions Where are you from? Who were your earliest influences in hip hop? And what is the hip hop scene like where you’re from?
Bobblehead (BH)-
Thank you man, well I’m from a small town in Wisconsin called Tigerton. My biggest influences have gotta be Eminem & Dre, they were just such a huge duo in the industry. The hip hop scene in Tigerton isn’t really huge. The closest rappers are from Milwaukee, which is 3 hours away. 
If I’m not mistaken, you began your career in hip hop by creating beats. What caused your decision to try your hand as an emcee?
You are correct. I did start my career making beats. I started free styling at 11 but it was just a joke really. When I was 13 I started making beats with my older brother and he bought me an Akai MPD32 which helped proceed. I worked hard at it; I’m still learning new thing everyday in production, but the reason I started spitting is because I could tell I was starting to get good and really had fun with it!
You had quite a few featured artists on your first album. Do you prefer to work with other artists as an emcee?
Yes, on my album I had 6 other artists. For my song “1King2Queens” I heard Lex Leosis and Wynne and said to my homie “I need them on a track.” Dillinger Floyd is my brother man, he was there for me when nobody else was and he’s been on all my projects before. I met the homie Twenny one day when we were going to shoot a video and he’s just a huge influence on me. Narcotic & ZeeboOnTheBeat are both my engineers so they were automatically getting a spot on the project. I absolutely love working with new artists, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I love finding new talent and supporting others, always stay humble.
What projects have you worked on before “No Sleep”? Do you have any projects planned for the future?
My first mixtape was a collab mixtape with Dillinger Floyd, it was called “The Dangerous 2” and then a couple months later I debuted my mixtape “Inception”. Looking back I wish I would of waited to release music. I look back and learn from my mistakes though. I also worked on a project with Dillinger Floyd called “Sincerely…” And it was us confessing all our inner thoughts and it was just wild. Also dropped my mixtape “Outcast” before I dropped “No Sleep” I am now creating another free mixtape for the summer called “Bipolar.” This mixtape is going to be wild, my whole thought process behind this tape is too show how many emotions can come through a microphone.
What is it you hope the audience gets from hearing your music?
I personally hope my audience goes through and listens to my projects and gets to thinking about things. I truly love when I make people think. I think about life daily and what I can do to help others. I want to create music to inspire the younger kids.
What was your biggest learning experience with “No Sleep”?
My biggest learning experience was too keep my mind open to new ideas. Always take in ideas from others and just have fun with making new music. Try new things and have fun.
Before we bring the interview to a conclusion, would you like to give the audience any social media links so they can stay updated with you? Do you have any links to your music you would like to share? How about any last words for everyone?

You can go buy the album on iTunes here

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram – @BobbleheadTKM
You can find me & my team on soundcloud @Test Kitchen
I hope to create some new music that all you love. I truly love all my fans who have been sticking with me through this long process of making it famous. Thanks for having me and taking the time to interview me.
I want to thank Bobblehead for giving everyone some insight on who he is as an artist and revealing some background information about himself. I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to read this interview. And now it’s back to reviewing albums for me! 

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