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Warren Peace (WP)- Welcome to another interview provided by The Write Reviews! I am Warren Peace, asking all the questions, and today I’ll be interviewing Aaron Candelora, the man behind the scenes of the recently released “Underground Unleashed Vol. 1” album.

For those of you that aren’t familiar, the first volume of “Underground Unleashed” is a compilation album consisting of twenty tracks featuring an army of underground hip hop talent. The likes of Kung Fu Vampire, Cryptic Wisdom, Dubbs, GrewSum, Playboy the Beast, as well as many others, can be found on the album.

Thanks for joining me, Mr. Candelora. How are things with you?

Aaron Candelora (AC)- Pretty good, man. Just been working and enjoying life!

WP- Could you explain to everyone exactly what your position is on the “Underground Unleashed” album and what does that position entail?

AC- Well, Underground Unleashed is a little label I started so I could put collab tracks together and have a platform that I could release music on. I’m basically the only one that is involved with running (the label). I work with Dubbs on all the engineering basically, aside from a few tracks. I go out and look and listen for beats I like, and when I find one I sit and listen for awhile until I have a basic idea of a concept for a song. Then I listen more to figure out who I would like to hear on the song. I am basically an executive producer, I guess you could say.

WP- Thanks for providing some insight there. So, I usually begin my interviews with these three questions: where are you from, who were the first artists to influence you in hip hop, and what is the hip hop scene like where you are from?

AC- I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I grew up listening to Run DMC, Naughty By Nature, Bone Thugs, 2Pac (before Death Row Records), Snoop… all of those artists. I always loved listening to hip hop, but when I was younger I always had to sneak it in whenever I could. The hip hop scene here in Alberta isn’t too bad. There are a lot of talented guys. We have some good talent all around Alberta, such as: Merkules, Rajin, Murder Musick members, The Psych Ward Kids, obviously SDK, and BAXWAR. There is a lot of entertaining stuff going on here. (It) has definitely picked up in the last few years, as well.

WP- How did you become involved doing what you do in hip hop?

AC- I just wanted to make an album. It was something I always wanted to do, so I did it (laughs). I didn’t know anyone or anything before I started my first song.

WP- Besides the first volume of “Underground Unleashed”, what projects have you previously worked on? Do you have any projects you are currently working on?

AC- The first album ever released on Underground Unleashed (the label) was an album called “Murda Unleashed” by Murda D. I chose the beatd for the album and Murda D killed it. There are a bunch of awesome features on the album as well. I love how that one turned out.

Coming up, there is the first album release by Legion, which is a self-titled album. I also chose most of the beats for that (album). I have (Underground Unleashed) Volume 2, which I am slowly finishing. (We) just have to engineer stuff for that one. And a group project with Legion and Murda D.

WP- You have had an opportunity to work with some well-known artists in terms of underground hip hop… Are there any artists you would like to work with in the future?

AC- To be honest, not particularly. If I think someone will sound good on a song, I will ask if they want to be on it. After Volume 2, I don’t really know (about) the future. I’m just focusing on what I have going on right now. 

WP- I know that I, personally, appreciate what you contribute to hip hop. Is there anything you would like to say to everyone in regards to the projects you’ve worked on? Do you have something you wod like to tell everyone before we conclude the interview, or any links you would like to share?

AC- I appreciate the support everyone has given to the Murda D and Underground Unleashed projects. It’s definitely been a fun ride so far. You can find hardcopies here:

Big Cartel



Digital is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and lots of other digital stores.

WP- Well, ladies and gentlemen, that bribgs our interview to a close. I would like to thank Mr. Aaron Candelora for taking his time to participate in this interview, and all of you for joining us! On behalf of The Write Reviews, this is Warren Peace. We’ll have another interview posted at The Write Reviews soon!

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