Interview with Aaron Candelora part 2

Warren Peace (WP)-
Hello hip hop heads! Warren Peace here, on behalf of The Write Reviews, and today will be the first time I’ve been able to give someone a second interview. That someone is none other than executive producer Aaron Candelora, the man the scenes of Underground Unleashed.
How are you, Mr. Candelora? Now, the first volume of Underground Unleashed has been out for roughly a year. As the Executive Producer of the Underground Unleashed series, do you feel like Volume One was a success? What did you lwarn from Volune One that you wanted to apply during the process of putting Volume Two together?
Aaron Candelora (AC)-
Well, it was all music that I started at the same time, aside from about 5 or 6 songs that I added from other artists.. It was all supposed to be a double disc album, but when I realized how long that would take, I released what I had completed on Vol. 1 and released the rest on volume 2.. a few songs fell through, so I added a few previously released songs from other artists to top off the album.
I noticed there are a few artists featured on the first volume that aren’t featured on the second volume, a few artists who are featured on the second volume and are new to the series, and several artists that were featured on Volume One are also found on Volume Two. Is there a certain group of artists you exclusively wprk with for the series or will we see a much larger change in featured artists for “Underground Unleashed Vol. 3”?
That pretty much goes back to the first answer.. I decided to feature a few people on 1 that werent on 2 and vice versa, just cause certain songs were done and certain sings werent.. I work with Murda D, Legion, Sleep Lyrical and Dubbs alot because they were the ones I started this idea with, so they get to be on whatever they want.. other than that, I usually plan who I want on albums when Im picking beats, and if the artist I’m liking for the song isnt interested, then I just start listening and checking out other artists to see who might fit with what I’m trying to do for a song..
As the executive producer, what gives you the most enjoyment from the experience? What has been the most difficult aspect of your position?

Making music is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid and this is just my way of doing it.. I’m not a good rapper, not a very good writer.. but I have a good ear for beats, and who might sound good on them..
Most difficult is always the waiting aspect.. most of these artists demand payment up front, and seem to think that they can leave me waiting as long as they feel.. but If I pay you up front, your gonna do things at a decent speed and get things to me within a month. I’ve been ripped off enough at this point to not enjoy the money in
Is there an overall theme for Volume Two? How did you go through the process of selecting songs for Volume Two? Were there any requirements needed by artists to have a song selected for the album?
I only selected 6 songs for vol. 2 due to a few of my songs not finishing, and I really liked the certain songs chosen. The rest I put together myself. They may have just been released earlier.. Im not a big fan on selecting songs amd making an album of it, so I will only seect songs if need be, and from a few artists.. thats just not something Im interested in..
I believe I saw a post on social media regarding “Underground Unleashed Vol. 3”. What does the Underground Unleashed family have in store for everyone in 2017?

So far the only 2 albums im focused on are Legion’s Upcoming EP and Murda D and Legion – No Way Out
It takes a long time for me to get the compilations together, so I dont really know when Vol.3 will get underway or who I want on it, aside from a few songs I already have in mind.
If you were to give some advice to another person who wanted to do what you’re doing with Underground Unleashed, what would you say?
I dont know, I think this is something you gotta learn for yourself in order to be succesful at it, but don’t throw all the money away as soon as it comes in, because you need to save up for promotion as well.. You gotta love making music also, because the money doesnt come quickly..
What are you wanting people to get from listening to the Underground Unleashed series?
I try to make 80 minute compilations.. I already love the music I put together, so I’m hoping somewhere in the 80 minutes, there might be something someone else finds that they love as well.
Before we go, do you want to tell everyone how to follow Underground Unleashed on social media? Where can they find Underground Unleashed projects? Or is there an Underground Unleashed website? And do you have anything you would like to add before we’re finished?

You can find all the albums on Itunes, Spotify, Alazon amd most digital locations..
Hardcopies of UU Vol.1 are available here:
There is also an Underground Unleashed Youtube page.. Hit the subscribe button for us!
Thanks everybody for supporting all the Underground Unleashed Releases!!!

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