Ed Words

“It’s well worth it. And I’m not just saying that because my name is up there. Alot of people on my “friends” list hadn’t taken a chance in my album until I shared the review The Write Reviews wrote up. And because of that review, ended up getting my entire collection. Not only is it a complete review but, you also get a very indepth review! Warren Iives with the project and gives an honest writeup not some regurgitated bs the other guys will give you. BESIDES I see he’s running the deal for only 24.99! That’s a steal! Invest in yourself and get this offer! You can add it to the press portion of your EPK or Press kit and use it to help get you in the door in other area of the game. I KNOW I’ll be back when I release my next project.”


– Ed Words on his “Multiple Myselves” review at The Write Reviews and the 72 Hour Review Package offered by The Write Reviews.