The Fatboy – “Weight”




Greensboro, North Carolina’s native son, The Fatboy, recently released the single, “Weight”, from the next project he is set to release.
The Fatboy had his B.A.R.S. mixtape reviewed here at The Write Reviews last year, earning the emcee nominations for Underrated Emcee of the Year and Best Album Instrumentals at The Write Awards. The laid-back lyricist may not have walked away with any awards, The Fatboy definitely made his presence known. He was recognized as the Artist of the Month for November of 2016 as a result of the review of his B.A.R.S. album as well. 
Serious Beats produces a beat that delivers a positive-feeling to the audience. The music brings a slower style than most hip-hop tracks heard on the radio these days, which is actually refreshing, and  that can be turned into a track people will remember for a long time.
The Fatboy doesn’t hesitate to dive right in with a catchy hook, taking command of the song. His lyrics embody the mood of the music precisely. Listeners will be stuck reliving the words of the track long after the song has finished playing, mainly because The Fatboy repeats the same lines over and over and over. The hook and the bridge drown out the verses to the point of questioning if there are any verses at all. After a couple of listens, I have to admit that this track would be more fitting for an interlude-type of song on an album instead of a single. 
In conclusion, this is a track that could benefit The Fatboy with its staying power. I have no doubt that people will find the words repeating in their heads at random times, simply because this track has the ability to resonate with people that much. The downside is the lack of depth and connectivity The Fatboy needs to lock the audience down in a manner that brings them back with a desire to listen to more songs instead of causing people to say “I can’t get this song out of my head” while they are at work.