R. D. M. – “Patience”



BY R. D. M.


Synndicate Recordz, a fairly new label based out of New Hampshire, recently released a new video/track by hip hop artist R. D. M. with the instrumental produced by Syndrome.
R. D. M., which stands for Real Definitive Music, is currently the youngest artist on the roster for Synndicate Recordz and has been developing his craft alongside fellow labelmate Illitant, who is also the person behind the camera for the “Patience” video. R. D. M. is hoping to catch the eyes and ears of hip hop fans with this track, and doesn’t plan on stopping after this first video. The emcee is dedicated to making his name known among the elite rhyme spitters of hip hop by the time everything is said and done.
A steady rhythm opens the track as R. D. M. leads off with the hook, which proves to be pretty catchy without being overly repetitive after a couple listens. R. D. M. attacks the track with the subject matter consisting of dedicating himself to creating music, aiming to be one of the best emcees, and how the radio plays garbage. His flow is on point but also lacks multiple syllable rhyme schemes, which would add to the complexity of his lyrics. He stays on point with the content and overall picture painted by his hook, but he isn’t very lyrical as his verses aren’t packed with punches, don’t involve much wordplay, and avoids the use of metaphors. Instead, this track uses emotion as its driving factor, with the target audience that can relate to the lyrics being other hip hop artists for the most part. R. D. M. has obvious potential, yet there is still room for growth for the young emcee.
As far as the visuals are concerned, it won’t be difficult for viewers to catch the recycled segments for the hook, and the idea behind the video itself isn’t too original. However, the editing is really good, in my opinion, and I did like the segments that saw R. D. M. facing the camera. Improvements can be made, of course, but this is one of the better first videos put together that I have seen.
All in all, I feel there is plenty of potential in every area, and I have a feeling we will only see improvements being made by R. D. M. and the Synndicate Recordz camp.