IllAnoise – “Brain Matter”


“Brain Matter”

IllAnoise featuring Grewsum,

Twisted Insane, and King ISO

Chicago representative IllAnoise recruits several emcees from across the United States in his latest single “Brain Matter”. Grewsum (Hopkinton, Iowa), Twisted Insane (San Diego, California), and King ISO (Omaha, Nebraska) find their way out of hip hop’s underground to land on common ground and join IllAnoise to lace lyrics over an intense, fast-paced instrumental.
The beat builds to begin the track and piques just before Grewsum’s voice comes through the speakers. Multiple syllable rhymes lead the way for a fluid flow from Grewsum, along with a message worthy of passing along and some clever lines intricately intertwined into the verse. I would be lying if I said a smile didn’t reveal itself during Grewsum’s verse. The hook is performed by IllAnoise and follows Grewsum, leaning heavily on repetition to stick with the audience. A little more from the vocal department would help thicken the hook and give it more life. IllAnoise takes the second verse, showing a lot of potential for a fairly fresh face in the underground scene. His vocals aren’t quite as clean as Grewsum’s and his flow may not be as polished, but a little determination and fine-tuning will quickly bring IllAnoise up to par. Lyrically, he’s headed in the right direction, and he stays on the same path that Grewsum laid before him topically. 
After another round of the hook, the heavyweight of the group blazes through the speakers. Twisted Insane, one of the biggest names buzzing through the underground in recent years, hits the track running with his trademark chopper flow. Content-wise, Twisted Insane sticks with the subject matter but also elaborates and extends the direct aim of his verse. King ISO, who is under Twisted Insane’s Brainsick label, brings a furious round of bars worthy of following Twisted Insane. Honestly, I would have to give ISO the nod in this one if I were to pick one emcee out of the four to have the most complete and entertaining verse. King ISO switches up his flow nicely, takes Twisted Insane’s lead and extend the reach of his content, and feels a little more into the track with his delivery than everyone else, in my opinion. While King ISO has been stirring up quite a buzz lately himself, there’s no question that his name will be heard more frequently in the years to come.
Overall, if this is a look at things to come from IllAnoise’s album that is set to be released this year, then I think people are in for a pleasant surprise.