Grind Mode Cypher Connecticut Vol. 9




The Write Reviews has a feature with Grind Mode Cypher! I could talk about my excitement regarding this connection forever, but I have a cypher to write about.
For those that aren’t familiar with Grind Mode and what they do, allow me to give you some background. Esstentially, Grind Mode goes to different areas of the country and gathers talented emcees to spit bars in the fashion of a cypher over banging beats. You can find an abundance of videos that Grind Mode has posted on YouTube. I’ve enjoyed every video Grind Mode has posted.
Now to the actual track. First I want to speak about the beat. Derek James is an established instrumental engineer with a knack for pulling different styles of music together into an incredible beat. The instrumental for this cypher is a testament to my last sentence as Derek James combines the sound of a jazzy horn and a drumline of a possible band member while scratches accompany cuts to bring the emcees a fresh, funky beat to drop hards bars on. This is definitely a fantastic instrumental for a cypher.
Finally, let’s address the emcees who appear on the track in the following order: Kid Karma, Gambit, Joey Nato, then Noel Levvis. Kid Karma jumps off everything with some sick wordplay, metaphors, nice rhyme schemes, and some hard hitting punchlines. Gambit comes onto the beat with multiple syllable rhymes that create a fluid flow, touches on some real topics, and has some great metaphors as well. Joey Nato has a little more bounce to his delivery, some dope punches, and doesn’t forget to add some appeal for the ladies in his lines. Last but not least is Noel Levvis, who delivers down to Earth subject matter in his verse with really nice rhyme schemes and a flow like water instead of focusing on lyricism and punchlines. I enjoy the fact that each emcee brings something different to the table in terms of lyrical attributes while they all manage to remain pretty equal when it comes to their skills with a mic. As far as all of the Grind Mode Cyphers videos I have seen, this is one of the most balanced displays from the emcees as a whole that I have heard.
If you haven’t pressed play on this track yet, I suggest you go ahead and do that. When it finishes, you should probably continue listening to some of the other Grind Mode Cyphers as well. There are several impressive emcees and instrumental engineers showcased in their videos.