Enkay47- “Rebirth”




Enkay47, a hip-hop artist hailing from Salem, Oregon, has been clearing his own path in music over the last couple of years. Recently, Enkay47 released a video for his track “Rebirth”.
Enkay47 is a familiar name here at The Write Reviews. The emcee had his first project, the Welcome To My Mind EP, reviewed on our website. This EP was impressive enough to earn several nominations at The Write Awards in April of 2016.
Enkay47 was recognized at The Write Awards as the Surprise Artist of the Year and was named one of the 8 Incredible Emcees of the Year while his Welcome To My Mind EP was listed as one of the 8 Amazing Albums of the Year.
After the review of the EP, more than a year would go by before Enkay47 made his way back to The Write Reviews. This time his Welcome To My Mind LP would receive a track-by-track breakdown and, once again, Enkay47 would leave a lasting impression with his music. As we wait to find out if Enkay47 will be nominated for any categories at The Write Awards next April, I will be taking a look and giving a listen to Enkay47’s video for his song titled “Rebirth”.
Enkay47 always chooses a great instrumental for his tracks, and it’s evident with the selection of this layered beat. Enkay47’s vocal range has expanded and is demonstrated during the course of this track. I’ve noticed a change in his flow as well. In many of his earlier tracks, Enkay47 seemed very focused on the multiple syllable rhyme schemes. He doesn’t sound as centered around those rhyme schemes as he once was. Instead, Enkay47 sounds more comfortable and his flow feels smoother as the lyrics fall in time with the music. Enkay47 gives the audience a catchy hook that many listeners will be singing along with before the conclusion of the first listen. Anyone listening who has ever faced adversity, abandonment, and/or a spiritual awakening will be able to easily relate to this track. Enkay47 will please the fans he’s already acquired and impress listeners who have never heard him before now
Enkay47 is bound to be compared to hip-hop legend Eminem, or on-the-come-up emcee NF, and may even be accused of copying some of their subject matter, style,
and delivery. The truth is, Enkay47 has actually come into his own over the last few years. While making comparisons would be easy, if you listen to Enkay47’s earliest tracks and follow his progress, you can hear an emcee who seemed a little too focused on the technical side of lyricism and being an emcee, but has grown and delivers his lyrics with more of a natural feel without sacrificing his lyricism,
delivery, or flow. It can be said that Enkay47 has been influenced by the above-mentioned artists, but I feel comparing them only shuts people down from fully listening to Enkay47 and what he’s bringing to hip-hop music.
At the end of the day, Enkay47 continues to show improvement in every area
and creates a desire within listeners that keeps them wanting to hear more. After hearing this track, I know I am ready to hear his next album. Simply put, this young man has a very bright future ahead of him in hip-hop and I don’t see him slowing down anytime soon. If you sleep on him now, he’s going to wake you up later. Believe that.