Own The Throne 2017

The Own The Throne contest is brought to you by The Writer’s Writer and The Realest Review Writer- Warren Peace of The Write Reviews, Superproducer and Grind Mode Cypher beatsmith- Derek James, Deific Ink’s Boss of Bars and Beats- Joel Venom, and Made Menace Entertainment’s King of Grimy Graphics, the Bar Belcher himself- Pest.


Any artist who wishes to participate in the contest is eligible, as long as the artist follows the rules of the contest listed below.


  1. Only one entry per artist will be accepted. This is to ensure everyone has an equal and fair chance in the contest. Once an entry has been submitted for the contest, there will not be any admissible changes to the entry. Any attempts to do so will disqualify the entry and the artist.
  2. All entries must be uploaded to YouTube, Soundcloud, or Bandcamp. All videos may be beneficial in catching the attention of the judges, but every entry will be carefully listened to and judged based on the track itself- not the video. Thge video may assist in expressing the content of the track though, and that means a video could help your entry.
  3. Every entry must use one of the instrumentals provided by Derek James and Joel Venom. Each of the instrumentals are linked hereWhen uploading the submission to YouTube, Soundcloud, or Bandcamp, the artist must put (Prod. By Joel Venom or Prod. By Derek James) at the end of the title, according to their choice of instrumental. Contestants must also subscribe to Derek James‘ and Joel Venom‘s YouTube channels.
  4. All entries must be officially submitted via email to warrenpeacewrites@gmail.com All emails must say Own The Throne Contest Entry in the subject line and must list the artist’s name, the artist’s email address, the artist’s social media links, and the link to the track being submitted.
  5. Judges will be Warren Peace, Joel Venom, Derek James, Pest, and a surprise guest judge. Any direct contact with any of the judges in attempt to sway a judge’s decision in any manner will disqualify the artist immediately and the artist will be banned from any future contests hosted by The Write Reviews.
  6. Any entry submitted after the deadline will be ineligible regardless of the reason.
  7. Every participant must like the Facebook page for the Own The Throne contest, Derek James‘ Facebook page, Joel Venom‘s Facebook page, and Pest‘s Facebook page.
  8. The contest will run for five weeks. The first day entries will be accepted is October 27th, 2017. The last day entries will be accepted is December 1st, 2017. Winners will be announced December 15th, 2017.


***Note to contestants*** The winners do not have to redeem the prizes immediately. The winners have a full calendar year, from the date the winners are announced, to claim their prizes. It will be the sole responsibility of the winners to claim their prizes, and the winners will be informed via email on the proper procedure for claiming the prizes. The purpose of this is to accommodate everyone involved, including the winners and the sponsors.

Grand Prize Winner receives:

  • $100 sent via PayPal
  • an “All or Nothing” review and promotional package provided by The Write Reviews
  • two exclusive instrumentals provided by Derek James
  • an album cover created by Pest
  • an in-depth article written about the winner and posted indefinitely on The Write Reviews’ website

1st Runner-Up receives:

  • a “Pushing Promo” review and promotional package provided by The Write Reviews
  • an exclusive instrumental provided by Joel Venom
  • your choice of an album cover or a promotional flyer created by Warren Peace

2nd Runner-Up receives:

  • a “For The People” review and promotional package provided by The Write Reviews
  • an exclusive instrumental provided by Joel Venom
  • a promotional flyer or mixtape cover created by Warren Peace

Good luck to everyone who enters! We will be sharing the entries on the Own The Throne Facebook page as well as updating this post with the submissions for everyone to hear!







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