Featured Tracks

With each album I review, a list of tracks is put together called the Featured Tracks list. The Featured Tracks list for each album can be found on the home page under the album’s title. These are the songs that would be recommended to anyone wanting to listen to an album that has been reviewed, or someone just wanting to hear some good, new music they have never heard before. I have all of these songs in rotation personally, listening to each one of them almost on a daily basis.

To submit an album for review, please contact The Write Reviews in a personal message to me on Twitter or on Facebook. You will then receive further instructions on how to get your album reviewed on this website.

I am going to list the artists followed by the album, then the tracks for that album I consider to be Featured Tracks. You can click on the album’s title to hear the music for yourself. 

The Write Reviews will be putting together a seris of compilation albums including some of these Featured Tracks called The Renaissance. These albums will be available for free download and will have some of my favorite tracks from my favorite artists together! Stay updated by following The Write Reviews on Twitter or by giving the Facebook page a like!


The Renaissance Vol. I
The Renaissance Vol. II

Featured Tracks (April ’15 – March ’16)
Featured Tracks (April ’16 – March ’17)


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