December ’15 / January ’16 Featured Emcees


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Featured Emcees for December 2015 and January 2016

December ’15

Various Artists

You’re reading this right- every emcee that contributed to “Underground Unleashed Vol. 1” is included in this month’s Featured Emcee! I have listed them all below.

(Dubbs, Badluck, Cryptic Wisdom, GrewSum, Sleep Lyrical, Tha WiKiD onE, Playboy the Beast, Crossworm, Murda D, DurtE, Kung Fu Vampire, Malaria, Mad Choppa, Mid West Monsters, Mumm-Ra, Session 9, Split Divo, Oskino, Big City, D-RaNGD, Donnoe Menace, Samson Samson, Legion, Will Smith aka Trial, Madd Maxxx, Bloke C, Rhapture, Renigade, The Hero Clique, Komatose, H8TRiD, Steve Collins aka Zero, and Optymus)

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“Underground Unleashed Vol. 1” has more than thirty emcees featured on the album. On an album that only has a few more than half the tracks in comparison with the total number of emcees, a surprising twelve of those emcees appear on more than one track. It gets even more amazing when you realize Dubbs, Badluck, Legion, and Samson Samson lend their talents on three separate tracks apiece. That’s nothing though! GrewSum and Sleep Lyrical are each featured on four separate songs showcased on “Underground Unleashed Vol. 1”!

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January ’16



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Who Da Fuk Is Grady?


Grady is an artist who was born in North Carolina but currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky. Not only is Grady an artist, he is also an active advocate for artists coming together to assist each other in getting their music to the masses. “Who Da Fuk Is Grady?” is his first full length album. Althought Grady is open to collaborations and enjoys working with other artists, his debut album only features one other emcee.

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