August / September ’15 Featured Emcees


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Featured Emcees for August/September 2015

August ’15

Cryptic Wisdom

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Tides of War III


Cryptic Wisdom is a recording artist hailing from Tucson, Arizona. His style is a mixture of grungy, alternative rock and poetic hip hop. His “Tides of War III” album features the likes of The Jokerr, Token, Whitney Peyton, Dubbs, Samson Samson, and more. Cryptic Wisdom recently finished his “Spread The Illness” tour, performing in more than twenty cities.

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September ’15

Matt Da Tatt

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Collected Thoughts


Matt Da Tatt is a hip hop artist from Bowling Green, Kentucky. He is a conscious rap artist, usually spitting about every day, real life situations. Matt Da Tatt is part of a group known as State of Mind and is under the label Mostly Paper Productions. State of Mind released its debut, self-titled album on April 18th, 2013.

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