Featured Emcees

The Write Reviews decided to find a way to recognize dedicated artists who may or may not be at the top of their game right now, but are definitely working hard to reach their maximum potential.

Featured Emcees are determined to produce quality work while improving in every area of their craft. They are willing to receive advice and be open-minded. They are not afraid to experiment and develop as an artist. Featured Emcees, whether up-and-coming artists or artists in the apex of their careers, are constantly working to improve.

The Write Reviews would like to assist in inspiring these artists, push them to achieve their individual goals, and reward them for their perseverance.


Featured Emcees

April- Loose Logic

May- IdolEyes

June- Hybrid the Rapper

July- Ed Words

August- Cryptic Wisdom

September- Matt Da Tatt

October- Savage Daffy

November- Kleyn Kutt

December- Underground Unleashed Vol. 1


January- Grady

February- Chi-Money

March- Skribbal

April- Physicz

May- D Sloan

June- Myndset

July- D Craze the Destroyer

August- Vacant

September- Scriptz

October- Brooke “B.K.” Archilla

November- Hidden

December- Skribbal


January- Vacant

February- Vacant

March- Vacant

April- Myndframe

May- Hiatus

September- Stevey B


January- Hidden

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Warren Peace writes...
Warren Peace writes…

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