June ’15 – E-Dub

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E-Dub was born in Owensboro, Kentucky and now resides a short distance away in Bowling Green, Kentucky. E-Dub has three volumes to his mix tape series “On The Come Up”. He is the founding member of Mostly Paper Productions, which consists of several other artists from the western Kentucky area. E-Dub assumes many roles as the leader of M. P. P. including president, talent scout, booking agent, promoter, studio engineer, investor, and much more. E-Dub became a married man in the spring of 2015 and had one daughter.

Here is the review on “Overrated and Undereducated”.


“Overrated and Undereducated” was released on the heels of E-Dub’s third installment of the “On The Come Up” mix tape series and the State of Mind (E-Dub, Matt Da Tatt, Nova D.) self-titled debut album. “Overrated and Undereducated” not only touches on a lot of E-Dub’s personal life, but also includes several positive and motivating tracks. “Overrated and Undereducated” is not the first album by E-Dub that has been reviewed personally by Warren Peace; it’s actually the third complete track by track breakdown and helped inspire Warren Peace to begin The Write Reviews.


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