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Legacy’s “Moment of Truth


Legacy is a lyricist from Nashville, Tennessee who currently resides in Indiana. He is an avid gamer in his spare time. Not only does Legacy rip bars like he’s the Hulk, but he’s a very dope graphic artist as well. Legacy works with Artist Culture, which is a group of people who supply services for artists such as studio time, engineering, and graphic work. Legacy appeared on the June Artist of the Month E-Dub’s “Overrated and Undereducated” album and has also been the force behind some of E-Dub’s Mostly Paper Productions’ graphic art.

Here is the review of “Moment of Truth”.


Legacy’s mix tape ” Moment of Truth” took nearly three years to complete due to jail time and being arrested around twenty times during the making of the album. Legacy did all of the mixing, making sure to properly place to vocals with the instrumentals personally. “Moment of Truth” is Legacy’s self-proclaimed ‘greatest music project to date’. With the good comes the bad though, as Legacy grew to hate the music industry by the time “Moment of Truth” was released.


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