Dr. Moriarity On Being An Artist

What is a “Freestyle rap?”

Dr.Moriarity has 2 World Records for Longest Freestyle rap (13 1/2 hours) with the 2014 Guinness Book World Records and recordsetter.com.

I never asked for this kind of life. I thought I was just gonna be a normal, average Joe. No way that’s possible in this life style. Guns, liquor, smoke, and a broke ass minimum wage job to provide for a family. Struggling to make ends meet in the money hungry, thirsty town of Los Angeles. Where dreams make or break you; where 15 minutes of fame goes by like a candle. Only some leave wax in this family. It’s a culture. Hip hop is a movement.

The mind is made to think, to predict, to make, or complete. What most wack ass, superficial, wannabe superstars dont understand is there is no room for jabronies. Dont fake it and make it, be yourself and achieve greatness. I dont worry about what others think. I’m myself, me, and that’s all I gotta be.

Love and passion for the music will get you that next step toward your goal. If you give up that’s your end. Never give up; you’re getting one step closer to your dreams. You can sink or swim. I’m swimming like a shark is after me. My mind thinks fast and its all live and real once I hit the mic. My mind doesn’t think what its saying in a freestyle. It’s hard to explain. The words just come out. What I am thinking about though is 10 steps ahead what Im gonna spit about next in a complex pattern way. My 13 1/2 hours was non repetitious and non repetitive, all approved by hip hop offical witnesses and 15 other witnesses that all had a job that day. 2 Certified health witnesses, military witness, list goes on. I can to, but fuck it, this is the end of the story. You gotta follow Dr.Moriarity to hear more. Take care of yourself now, you hear?

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