The Staff

The Staff

Just in case you want some background on the characters that run The Write Reviews, we thought we would drop a little bit of info for you.

Warren Peace


Better known as the Writer’s Writer, Warren Peace feels language and communication in music is just as important as the music itself, as words can completely alter a mood or change a train of thought.

A former recording artist himself, he understand the technicalities of mixing down lyrics, mastering albums, developing a flow and rhythm with words, creating hooks, and breaking down bars. If there was ever a voice in hip hop who gave a completely unbiased, constructive review backed with reasoning, that voice belongs to Warren Peace. He remains faceless to remain unbiased, not wanting to be swayed or influenced by anything other than his genuine reflection of the music itself. He is very thorough, listening to every album at least three times without distraction before beginning to analyze it. It’s this principle that artists have shown the most appreciation for.

He is the founder of The Write Reviews, editor, writer, handles site maintenance, head of marketing, and everything in between. You can contact Warren Peace at any time via email or Facebook



(currently on leave from The Write Reviews for personal reasons)

Senior Writer


Hailing from Commerce City, Colorado, Issac Sandoval is a writer, a poet, and an emcee. Born in 1994 and raised on hip-hop and country music, Issac was a three sport athlete throughout his childhood. He was also an intellectual who felt incompatible with the public education system. Experiencing a daily challenge to express himself in a healthy manner, he began writing music at age 16.
Now twenty-two year old student, Issac is an aficionado of hip-hop and across all genres. He is passionate about the creation and discussion of written and audible art.  Whether it’s creating the art himself under his moniker “Hiatus,” or absorbing and discussing the art as a writer for The Write Reviews, you can usually find him with his headphones on and his pen in his hand.



Born just outside Los Angeles, Ca, Authentik Rhymez is an audio engineer & independent hip-hop artist now residing in Las Vegas, Nv. As a boy through his teen years, Authentik spent most of his time on the football field, believing his dream was to be an athlete in the NFL. But during his sophomore year in high school, he began to find his passion was in the form of writing. He wrote short stories, poems & eventually began writing song lyrics for the beats he produced for his friends.
After high school, he began studying under renowned producers and engineers at IADT. There, he received inside tips & knowledge from those working closely with names like Kidd Kidd, Carrie Underwood, 50 Cent & many more. Over the last decade, Authentik Rhymez has been working to fine-tune his craft. His strong writing background, along with his love for raw, underground hip-hop, has only elevated his unique style into a sound all his own. He is ultimately seeking a position as a full time recording engineer in a professional music studio, where he can work on all kinds of music, including his own. He has proven to be a great asset to those willing to give him a chance, & will seize any opportunity to display his talents & knowledge in the music industry.

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