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[( Note from Warren Peace: 

I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be, an expert on music. I have no abilities when it comes to playing musical instruments, making beats, mixing vocals to music, or mastering albums. I do know what I like to hear when it comes to music, so my reviews to include a reflection of how I feel about the music itself, but my reviews are mainly focused on the lyrics of the music, which is why most of my reviews will be done on hip hop albums (in my opinion, the most lyrical genre of music). Thanks for understanding this as you read through my reviews! )]

As a writer, I feel I can only be the best I can be by continuing to hone my skills while stretching my reach into every aspect of writing I possibly can. While working on my novels, I wanted to do something different to broaden my horizons and expand the base of my readers. I wanted to allow someone who may never read one of my novels to still have the opportunity to judge my abilities and hopefully enjoy reading as much as I do writing.

Choosing to do album reviews was simple for several reasons. The main motivator behind these blog posts is my love for music, especially songs with powerful lyrics. I am also a huge fan of wordplay and the incredible amount of ways words can be blended, bent, and broken down to create new meaning and a rhythm as they flow from the emcee, singer, poet, etc. Many songs tell stories as well, and the person behind the microphone can simply switch their tone of voice to create an entirely different connection with listeners , even with an overly repeated phrase. Music and words go to together like peas and carrots.

I am fortunate to be connected with many musical artists online, giving me the opportunity to work with mostly underground, working artists continuing to develop their craft. I want to be able to help gain these artists more exposure and to give them son real feedback from someone who appreciates what they do.

In my opinion, the only proper way to give thoughts and criticism on any music album is to look at each track individually, then to look at all the tracks collectively. I believe you tell the artist exactly how you feel about everything you are listening to, even if you might have more light to shed on some tracks than others. As an artist myself, I know criticism should include positive aspects and the negative also. This is to help the artist grow and to see how their art can be perceived as a listener as opposed to the intend message delivered by the vocalist.

The process I use when I do an album review is simple: Listen to the album in its entirety with little distraction, listen to the album again with little distraction while jotting a few notes for each track, then listen to the album a final time with no distractions while writing the review. I feel this process gives the artist my undivided attention, allows the chance for songs to grow on me, and gives me the proper amount of time to think about every element of the album, from the music to the lyrics.

Featured Tracks will include the songs of each album I believe are the best of that particular album. It does not mean the other songs are bad, but these are the tracks that stand out to me. I will be sharing and listing Featured tracks via social media. The Featured track list is my way of telling my readers these are the songs I definitely recommend for you to listen to.

These album reviews should be entertaining, fun, informative, and will include links to the artists and the albums for everyone to enjoy!

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The Write Reviews


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