The Long Count


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An album by Stevey B of the DeaDly D

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Stevey B of the DeaDly D was first introduced to The Write Reviews through The NoShoes and JimSquints Variety Show album review. I’m anticipating something a little different than the hip hop music most people are listening to today, but I have no idea what that may be exactly. There’s only one way to find out, right?


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1- Up At You

“Up At You” is a fantastic opening track; it’s as simple as that. The instrumental has a dreamy feel with a touch of intensity. Stevey B grabs his audience’s attention within the first few lines of the first verse. He has a timely delivery with an obvious passion in his tone of voice. The hook is very catchy, the verses bring a positive message, and Stevey B sounds like a seasoned veteran behind the mic. If this is any indication of how the rest of the album is going to be, then anyone listening is in for a treat.

2- Libido

This instrumental has a great sample that will be familiar to many listeners. Another catchy hook will have people singing along before the song ends on the first listen. His multiple rhyme schemes come together nicely, giving his words a very smooth flow. There’s another positive message to be heard on this track, and by the end of the song I have to question my original assumption regarding this album being of the nerdcore nature. Stevey B has his second Featured Track of The Long Count in as many songs.

3- Breathe

A relaxed vibe comes through the speakers as the music for “Breath” plays. Stevey B decides to delivery this positive, uplifting message in a different manner from the previous two tracks. Using negative feelings and experiences, Stevey B presents reasons for pushing that negativity into the past and pressing forward. Stevey B has commercial appeal built within the sound he delivers. “Breathe” is another strong addition to The Long Count.

4- Life I Lead

The lyrics continue pushing positivity and the music maintains an ever-so-slight Pop sound. Stevey B’s flow stays consistent and his content sticks to the subject matter. The hook doesn’t need much time to resonate with listeners, proving putting together a great chorus is one of Stevey B’s greatest weapons.

5- Beeda Badass

Many hip hop heads will recognize the sequence of sounds heard on “Beeda Badass”. Stevey B changes his direction and provides a self-hype track that includes a few selective shots at other rappers in general. While he displays potential with his punches, they aren’t connecting with the force he’s expecting. The hook begins to feel overdone with repetativeness by the time the track reaches a conclusion. Regardless, Stevey B gives The Long Count another solid song overall.

6- A Way feat. SBS

This track has one he’ll of a “feel good” vibe to the music. “A Way” has more singing involved than hip hop lyrics, yet still falls into the positive theme Stevey B has brought throughout most of The Long Count. I thoroughly enjoy this track from start to end, and see no reason anyone could dislike this track. Another Feature Track stands out prominately on this album.

7- Rental feat. DJ Birdman and SBS

This instrumental is a great choice to follow the music on the previous track. Obviously a shot at the rappers who pose to be the rich, ballin’ people they arent, “Rental” comes with a comedic twist, a catchy hook that’s well written, and a change of pace for the audience. Everything gels really well for “Rental”, leaving me no choice but to add another one to the Featured Tracks of the album.

8- Shots Fired feat. Titty

Hip hop fans will be very familiar with this instrumental, which was turned into a huge hit by T.I. There are positives and negatives with using a beat this well known. The biggest positive is the familiarity people will have with it. It will cause heads to turn and will assist in getting the track some attention. The downside is the comparison to the original track that everyone will make, and if it doesn’t live up to their expectations, the artist could be frowned upon immensely by listeners. Stevey B comes in on the first verse and brings a well-timed flow with a delivery to be appreciated. However, his punchlines just aren’t connecting the way he would like them to connect. The hook is pretty catchy and should be received rather well. The featured verse from Titty hurts the track, in my honest opinion, as almost the entire verse he spits is practically filler and his rhyme schemes are simple. I like how the track ends, with a blend of the hook and the bridge in an entertaining manner. While “Shots Fired” leaves room for improvement, I still have to say it’s far from a bad addition to The Long Count.

9- Opportunity Knocks

Stevey B returns to the uplifting, positive message brought forth in earlier tracks on the album. This time, though, Stevey B brings the message across in a different fashion. I really like the hook, as I have for nearly every track thus far. “Opportunity Knocks” is more than fitting for the album, and will certainly have fans who list it among their favorite tracks of The Long Count.

10- Highway Home

Stevey B finds a way to bring more feel good music to the audience, and incorporates some great subject matter at the same time. “Highway Home” is a track that has no problem fitting into anyone’s “on the road” playlist. This track also features a catchy hook, but I would really like if Stevey B were to switch it up a little by having a female throw in some background vocals with the hook or something of that sort. Another solid addition to the album.

11- My Love

Sampling another popular song, Stevey B continues to give the audience entertaining instrumentals. The switch up I spoke about on the last track is actually present here as Stevey B uses the vocals of the sample built into the beat with a similar execution to the one I suggested. The subject matter shouldn’t be hard to figure out by the title of the track, which is another change the audience will welcome. He also continues to bring a feel good vibe on the track. “My Love” hits the Featured Track list full force.

12- Chase That High

This beat has the feeling of a breeze behind it, which automatically connected the song’s title to the track. Stevey B delivers one of his smoothest flowing songs of the album. The hook is just as catchy as any previously heard, although repetition is leaned on a little more this time around. The overall feel-good approach is still very apparent. This track falls under pop more than hip hop, in my opinion, but continues to push an excellent performance for The Long Count.

13- Rebel Radio

Another timely change of pace to keep things interesting for the audience is brought to the table with “Rebel Radio”. The presentation falls in line with the positive sound heard throughout the album, but this time Stevey B’s message is one of resistance and individualism. He displays the ability to chop it up with seriousness over the quick and intense instrumental. Again, Stevey B brings enough of a mixture to keep things entertaining yet falls in line with the formula to maintain the blend called for in the recipe.

14- The Good Fight

Between the message of the lyrics and the bounce behind the beat for “The Good Fight”, the audience is given a great track to follow “Rebel Radio”. The changes between intensity and calming deliveries are fluid. As expected, the same can be said for Stevey B’s flow. “The Good Fight” slides into a Featured Tracks list.

15- Bounce Back

The conclusion of The Long Count contains exactly what would be expected after reading the track’s title. The predictability steals the shine of this song somewhat for me, leaving a little to be desired to close out an album that has captured my attention. Regardless, Stevey B’s energy proves to be relentless as The Long Count comes to an end.


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Up At You, Libido, A Way, Rental, My Love, and The Good Fight.


I cannot lie- this album was nothing like I imagined it to be. Who would’ve guess someone from a group named DeaDly D would put out such a positive and uplifting body of work? I definitely did not expect to hear the diversity Stevey B presented. As I stated early in the breakdown, Stevey B comes through the speakers as a seasoned veteran with a flow like water and the vocabulary of a true wordsmith. There are a couple areas he could improve upon- namely his metaphors and punchlines- and being a little less predictable would surely add to his already-impressive value as an entertainer, but the bottom line is this: Stevey B had a message to get across, an idea of how he wanted to deliver that message, and executed very well on every track. While it could be said that there was some filler in a few of the tracks, I don’t see anyone making a strong claim that any of the tracks are filler on the album. Stevey B has my attention, and I’ll be watching for his next project to drop.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

(4 out of 5 stars)

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