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It hasn’t been long ago when Hiatus had his Swan Song album analyzed here at The Write Reviews. The review itself left a bit of a bitter taste in his mouth as he felt the project was a little bit better than the track-by-track breakdown provided by Lionel led readers to believe. Hiatus has returned with a vengeance, this time with a mixtape titled The Hiatus Is Over. Lionel is no longer writing reviews for The Write Reviews, and I felt it would be best for me to breakdown this album personally to avoid any doubt that has lingered with me when it comes to Hiatus receiving a fair assessment on his work. Well, let’s get to it, shall we?


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1- The Hiatus Is Over

After cycling thru a couple snippets that do a great job getting the point across, Hiatus sets the tone with an aggressive delivery and rapid fire round of bars. Honestly, I went back a couple of times to play with my equalizer while hearing this opening track because a few words didn’t come through the speakers as clearly as I would’ve liked. Fortunately the adjustments helped. Regardless, Hiatus succeeds at grabbing the listeners’ attention and showcasing some skills.

2- Do It For The Love

I’m feeling this instrumental from top to bottom. Hiatus rips right into some wordplay as the subject matter of his desire to be respected as an artist is more meaningful to him than making money off the music surfaces. A lot of emcees speak similar words, but few have the heart behind those words to make listeners believe them. Hiatus has hallelujah harping and my faith coming forth on the first Featured Track of The Hiatus Is Over.

3- The Present

Lyrically, Hiatus brings metaphors, an extensive vocabulary, and wordplay with precision. His flow is remarkably smooth when considering the vocabulary. Maybe it has to do with the beat, but this seems to lack the power in the punch Hiatus probably wanted with this one.

4- Drama Setter feat. Status and Alphamale

Certified banger. Hiatus kicks off the track, leaping into the beat with a continued level of lyricism from the previous song. Knowing the two featured artists will be following his lead, Hiatus’ delivery hits harder than anything he’s spit on the album thus far. The hook is addicting, to say the least. Status sparks the second set of the script, which smokes long after listening…unless you’re like me and immediately hit played the track again. Alphamale lays lines with ease. His flow is practically flawless and, although he’s not quite as lyrical as Hiatus and Status, his lyrics are laced to last with listeners. Needless to say, The Hiatus Is Over already has its second Featured Track.

5- Beware feat. VexedxShinobi and D-Nero

With back-to-back stacked tracks, Hiatus aims to hold his own when throwing bars with his peers. “Beware” isn’t able to match “Drama Setter”, which packs more punch lyrically and has one of best hooks hip hop has ever seen, in my opinion. Hiatus becomes Rickey Henderson, launching a leadoff home run. VexedxShinobi displays a smooth flow but feels like he lacks some aggression. Oh, what does “I will black again” mean? D-Nero closes out the song with a couple choppy spots in his flow and is a bit lackluster lyrically.

6- Halftime (skit)

This is, honestly, the best skit/interlude I’ve heard all year. At first I was a little thrown off, but halfway into “Halftime” I had to crack a smile and laugh.

7- If You Ever Leave (Remix) feat. Myndframe

I love the concept with Bruno Mars sampled into the instrumental, but I do wish his vocals were lowered a little for the verses. I believe this is the first time I’ve heard Myndframe featured on an album I’ve analyzed as he’s had two albums of his own reviewed on the website. Hiatus and Myndframe do a fantastic job of feeding off the lyrics of Bruno Mars and each other. The set up has Hiatus on the first verse, Myndframe on the hook then the second verse, followed with a split final round of bars led by Hiatus. I wonder how it would’ve sounded if both emcees dropped the hook with some kind of unity. Anyhow, Hiatus builds onto the Featured Tracks list by adding “If You Ever Leave (Remix)”.

8- Worst Comes To Worst

Back to spitting solo, Hiatus chooses a beat that shares a sample with one of my all-time favorite instrumentals (“Growing Pains” by Ludacris), and could very well be that same beat. I find my mind wanting to push Luda’s lyrics out of my mouth, which is distracting. Luckily, Hiatus presents his subject matter in a different manner, although he does touch on some ‘growing pains’ he has endured. Hiatus continues with the heavy hitters on this mixtape.

9- I Want You Back feat. Paul Junior

This beat goes HAM. Hiatus doesn’t hold back, dumping loads of emotion into his lyrics. The hook is addicting, to say the least. The flow is on point throughout the song. The metaphors used are a great fit as listeners will be able to use them to connect with the emotion Hiatus pours into the words. Another Featured Track slot gets locked in.

10- Feel It In The Air

A solid song to follow “I Want You Back” would be one with a calming feeling, an emotional delivery, and positive lyrics about beating the odds, right? Well, “Feel It In The Air” has two out of the three, and is probably better than most sappy, somehow-I-succeeded songs that most emcees would put after a track that carries the pain heard on “I Want You Back”. Instead of turning the tide in terms of mood, Hiatus lightens up a hair emotionally, but is able to drop lyrics with just as much “real life struggle” in his delivery. Another Featured Track that the audience will quickly connect with.

11- My Arms feat. Sean Haywood

Looks like Hiatus decided to finish the album under a more positive light by bringing a track to the masses about his relationship with the woman he loves. (They were recently married, by the way. Congrats to the two of them!). I feel the instrumental follows along the same fundamental attributes as the previous two, which makes for smooth transitions between the three tracks. Hiatus doesn’t hold back with the emotional delivery here either, and he does a great job painting the pictures for the audience with his imagery and detail. Of course, this song does have a sad note hanging throughout its balance, but I’ll let you listen to find out what that’s all about. The final track of The Hiatus Is Over makes its mark with the final Featured Track of the album.


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Do It For The Love, Drama Setter, If You Ever Leave, Worst Comes To Worst, I Want You Back, Feel It In The Air, and My Arms


Let me start this summary of this mixtape by saying I am impressed in a couple different areas. First, I’m impressed with the high level at which Hiatus performed on this mixtape, and the fact he kept it consistently at that level throughout most of the project. Second, I am impressed with the improvement (in my opinion) on his delivery when comparing his Swan Song album as a whole to The Hiatus Is Over. I am also impressed with the featured artists on the mixtape, and how well they gelled as well as the fact that most of them brought something fresh to the project without taking anything away from it. I am also impressed with Hiatus’ ability to incorporate so many writing elements throughout the album- wordplay, punchlines, metaphors, imagery, storytelling- without heavily leaning on one or another. The beat selection, from top to bottom, is fantastic. I was also impressed with Hiatus’ opening angle of all out lyrically assault, as is the case with most mixtapes, before wrapping it up on a personal level that will really resonate with listeners. This project would be given another half star on the final rating had the production, and some of the song concepts, been all original. Otherwise, the only thing this album is missing is a track that’s a true game changer; a track that hip hop heads will talk about for years to come. I thoroughly enjoyed this project, and I will have no problem recommending it to people in the future.


🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

(4 out of 5 stars)

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