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I’m not going to lie… I really REALLY wanted to review this album myself. However, having already reviewed both Underground Unleashed albums, I have already had the opportunity to personally examine and write about several of the members in the Murder Musick camp, including the Commander-In-Chief Playboy the Beast. For this reason, I felt it would be best to allow someone else on our staff to write this review, and Authentik Rhymez seemed like the perfect candidate. Authentik Rhymez is a recording artist himself, as well as an audio engineer, so he has an ear for the little things that can make a big impact. How will Playboy the Beast’s Self Made Self Paid rank against Authentik Rhymez’ keen ear and experience? There’s only one way to find out.
-Warren Peace


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1- Self Made Self Paid

Playboy The Beast opens with his signature style in the Intro/Title track, ‘Self Made Self Paid’. Keeping true to his gritty persona, PTB murders this anthem-style beat, diving into his past drama, street hustle & dedication to his passions. Pulling no punches, the chorus makes it clear where he stands when it comes to his independence. PTB can’t sign with any major labels if it means changing who he is. With his current buzz climbing the way it is, I don’t see any reason he would need to.

2- Money Sex Murder feat. Kamikaze

Playboy & Kamikazi kill it in ‘Money, Sex, Murder’. Both artists effortlessly spit quick chopper-like flows as they indulge in their sick & twisted demeanors. Playboy the Beast gets lost in his mid-west roots with each crazy bar pattern. The Halloween-inspired melody in the track pays homage to the classic horror film. Also, the “Red Rum!” shouted in the track makes a reference to another horror classic, The Shining. The street sound & horror-core vibes make this one of my favorite tracks of the album.

3- Down 2 Ride

Playboy the Beast takes us back to the streets in “Down 2 Ride”. He allows us to tread through his violent mentality. The conviction & delivery can really make or break tracks of this type, but PTB excels at both and issues the gauntlet to those looking to prove themselves. Step up or step down is the message, Playboy the Beast is sending warning shots. I enjoy the overall vibes in this record. Another favorite off the project.

4- Blast On Sight feat. Stevie Stone

Strange Music & Murder Musick connect for a dope collaboration when Stevie Stone joins Playboy on “Blast on Sight”. Stone’s swagger and powerful vocals add that extra dose of realness to this already aggressive street banger. PTB impresses with another chopper style delivery in this classic track. Of course, this collaboration makes the record another favorite of mine.

5- Doom

The title of this record says it all. Playboy The Beast brings the doom over a bouncy G-style sound. His flows ride this beat smoothly with ease. No mercy, no POW’s. Playboy is taking action in this one. This is definitely a classic track Hip-Hop heads could bob their heads to. I’m only a third of the way through this project & I’ve already heard several different styles. If you’re looking for versatility, you’ve come to the right place.

6- Get The Money

We get a little darker as we enter the 6th record, “Get the Money”. The track presents a grimy, street vibe and opens with the chorus. Because of the simplicity in the hook, Playboy allows the listener to vibe to the beat a bit more to be enveloped in its atmosphere and ambiance. He provides straightforward bars in each verse that aren’t too complicated, but the delivery and conviction are effective enough to keep it interesting. Real solid track for how simple it is overall. Great track to hear in the car.

7- Gangsta Rap Revival

Playboy the Beast spits over a soft string and piano melody in “Gangsta Rap Revival”, providing a bit more of a serious tone to the record. This track brings to light Playboy’s feelings on a few topics, including his fondness of the old school Hip Hop lifestyle and his disdain of the new school of artists. He continues by calling out those rappers who lie and aren’t really about the gang life they portray in their music. Not too exciting of a track in terms of overall lyrical flows, but it still makes its message clear and is definitely a track to nod your head to.

8- Came 2 Kill

Playboy the Beast flexes a bit more in this track, coming straight at his targets with intent to end their careers. Nothing but hard bars, banging beat, and a nice hook to make this a great example of the versatility and talent he has. He has truly honed his craft and made his own lane, and being only halfway through the project, I can’t wait for what’s left to find. (Really loved the Scott Steiner/Big Poppa Pump reference too.)

9- Death Row 2k17 feat. King Solo, Sleep Lyrical, and D-Spillz

Here we have an epic collaboration from the Murder Musick roster on “Death Row 2k17”. Each artist comes in with crazy double-time flows, as they transition through each artist every 8 bars or so. This track showcases the talent, diversity, and abundance of different styles the roster can come with when they link up. Great underground track to bang.

10- Follow Me feat. The Jokerr, Emce Damage, and Liquid Assassin

“Follow Me” is a classic banger. Period. Liquid Assassin, Playboy the Beast, The Jokerr & Emce Damage? Yeah, this track knocks. The Jokerr kills the chorus, telling cats if they want to see some realness just follow each artist as they kill their verse with quick rhyme patterns, crazy bars, and of course the aggressive underground vibes they’re each known for. Overall an incredibly powerful track that just oozes realness. Definitely another favorite off the album.

11- Can’t Be Fucked With

Playboy comes back with a solo track here, and it’s more heat. It’s a bit on the shorter side, but is full of raw attitude. PTB is not afraid to lay down the gauntlet, and shows a bit of his womanizer mentality here as he mentions the females trying to be with him. Murder Musick’s founder is the physical embodiment of what the label represents.

12- Get Beat The Fuck Up feat. Seed of 6ix

Next up Seed of 6ix joins Playboy the Beast in another one of his jaw-breaking, aggressive style track. PTB’s ability to utilize the quick, double time patterns, while keeping his substance relevant and raw is impressive. Most quick flow style rappers aren’t known for their extensive vocabulary or creative use of unorthodox words or phrases. PTB on the other hand, he just keeps showing me why he deserves the recognition that he’s getting. 6ix adds some new swagger to the mix, switching the flow to a more simple, yet effective style. A dope track you’ll want to play back multiple times on the stereo for its hard sound.

13- Murder’d Out feat. Sleep Lyrical and Danny Drive By

Murder Musick reconnects once again on the 13th track, “Murder’d Out”. PTB starts us off with his dope bars and sick flow and also performs the chorus, representing the label he started once upon a time. Sleep Lyrical & Danny Drive By also kill their verses and show listeners the depth in the Murder Musick roster. Straight banger here, I love the grimy sounds and the switch up of the beat production.

14- IDGAF!

The title should make it obvious what this track will be about right? Though a little short as well, the beat’s repetitive synth hits give us a different style beat to nod our heads to. The overall vibe is still true to Playboy’s underground street style. The hook is literally PTB repeating “I Don’t Give A F***” over and over. Simple approach, but if it works, why make it harder than it has to be? PTB’s sound is truly in his own lane, and this track shows us how little he thinks of negative opinions.

15- Cujo feat. Dubbs

Fellow independent artist Dubbs joins Playboy the Beast on this live track. He covers the hook in this one, and kills it as usual. Cujo, if you didn’t know, is the name of a deadly, rabid dog in an old school film of the same name. Just to give you younger listeners some perspective. Both artists show how deadly they can be on the mic, and the title of this track definitely suits the vibes and attitude. Solid track all around, no complaints on my end.

16- Bleed feat. Donnie Menace, Big Looney, and Illest Uminati

On the second-to-last track of the album, we have a major collaboration between Playboy the Beast, Donnie Menace, Big Loony and Illest Uminati. Individually, each artist can kill anything horrorcore, and this collaboration just shows how well these artists’ different styles can blend well together. My only complaint on this one, would be the lack of consistency in the last verse of the track. It didn’t seem to have the same level of conviction or lyrical prowess. It could have been finished off a bit better. However, backed by another banging beat, this track is an aggressive style track that any horrorcore fan would love.

17- Ghost Whispers feat. Jada Lynn

The final track of the track features artist Jada Lynn over a softer, piano melody. We open with Playboy the Beast describing the struggle and harsh reality that many people in hoods all over have to deal with. He dives into his daily life, as well as the struggles of an up and coming artist trying to survive in a rough environment. I almost get an Immortal Technique vibe from this track, based on the lyrical content and political standpoint PTB takes in some of his lines. Jada adds to the atmosphere of the stories being told in the verses. The switch up from verse to chorus is a pleasant surprise, I didn’t expect to hear an angelic, choir style. Great way to end the project, though. I can feel the realness in this track, and appreciate PTB showing us a glimpse into his mind on this one.


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Self Made Self Paid, Blast On Sight, Doom, Get The Money, Gangsta Rap Revival, Came 2 Kill, Death Row 2K17. Follow Me, Get Beat The Fuck Up, Murder’d Out, Cujo, Bleed, and Ghost Whispers


As a fellow independent recording artist & audio engineer, I am honored to have been able to give this album my input. Playboy the Beast is quickly making a claim for himself as an elite emcee in the underground scene, and is deserving of every bit of the title. His consistency is what impresses me most. The aggressive, horrorcore attitude and grimy street lyrics are blended together well and he can do great over many different beats and topics with ease. This album is being rated a 4.5 out of 5 stars. For me, there were a few points throughout the album that weren’t as strong. Most of these issues weren’t even on PTB himself, though, which is why the rating didn’t drop so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of the best underground/horrorcore albums of the year based on how this year is going so far. PTB can contend with the best of them and he knows it. Murder Musick is here to stay, and I am excited to see future releases from Playboy the Beast and his roster.



🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 .5

(4.5 out of 5 stars)

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