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M-Possible is a familiar name at The Write Reviews. Last summer the young man had a track-by-track breakdown of his Nothing Is M-Possible album, which didn’t really stand out, in a good or bad way, among approximately sixty albums reviewed during the year.

M-Possible went back to work. Using the review of his album to make adjustments as well as fuel for the fire, M-Possible has returned nearly a year later with another album titled Late Night Exploits. Wanting to prove he’s improved, M-Possible requested to have the same person that reviewed Nothing Is M-Possible to also be the one to review Late Night Exploits. Of course, I accepted his request since I’m the one the is responsible for the breakdown of Nothing Is M-Possible. That explains how we arrived here; let’s move on to the album.


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1- Intro

M-Possible caught me off guard a little with the intro to Late Night Exploits. Hitting the track full Sprint, M-Possible ties in some nice multiple syllable rhyme schemes with wordplay and punchlines that connect decently. A couple of lines could be reworded or left out completely, but overall, M-Possible has my attention. Nice opening track to the album.

2- So Gone

I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure M-Possible is making fun of mumble rappers with “So Gone” without taking any direct shots. Either way, I find this track to be pretty damn funny. He doesn’t swing for the fences lyrically necessarily, nor does he attempt to be overly creative or original. Instead, M-Possible seems to just go with the flow, and his flow is as smooth as I’ve ever heard from him. I have no doubt there will be people who disagree, but I feel M-Possible accomplished exactly what he wanted with this track, and that’s the reason it’s the first Featured Track on Late Night Exploits.

3- Main Ones

This is one of those ‘riding with the homies, smoking some chronic’ songs. M-Possible incorporates a nice amount of wordplay in his verses; some of which is rather cheesy yet other times he drops some really clever lines. The hook is pretty catchy, but the adjustments made to his vocals will either be liked or despised. He’s definitely getting the hang of using similes in his bars. I have to push “Main Ones” onto the Featured Tracks list, simply because of the wordplay alone.

4- Thug

So far M-Possible has a solid beat selection with bounce on each track. I’m not sure if M-Possible is making modifications to his vocals because it’s the trending thing to do, but I’m hoping it doesn’t continue for the rest of the album. The hook starts the track off with pretty cheesy couple of bars that don’t really fall in line with the song’s title. The two verses are similar to what we heard on “Main Ones”, except less wordplay and more similes. M-Possible might need to know how much similes pale in comparison to metaphors. Not a bad track, but not on the level as the previous tracks. Also, we can hear papers shuffling at the end of the track, which automatically gives the impression he read the lyrics instead of spit them, which explains the lack of emotion behind his lyrics.

5- No No feat. Joe Casperson

Joe Casperson kills the hook on the album’s first track built for the ladies. M-Possible’s delivery lacks feeling, which will cause listeners to feel distant from the track instead of coming together with it. Similes still dominate the song’s only verse, although metaphors are used a little more. The single verse also gives me the impression that M-Possible wasn’t really feeling the track.

6- I Got It

Still maintaining a solid beat selection, M-Possible brings back a contagious delivery that shows he is more emotionally invested in this track than the last two. I like the intro for this one. M-Possible goes all out with bars, abandoning a hook on this one. Solid track that handles it’s purpose, “I Got It” lands on the Featured Tracks list.

7- Remembered feat. Brett Poulton

Slower style in the music leads to a relaxed vine that opens with Brett Poulton singing the hook with a smoothness that will be appreciated by the audience. At times the track seems to be aimed at the audience regarding M-Possible working to be successful then other times it seems like the track is focused on the ladies. Either way, “Remembered” is a solid addition to the album.


Back to the flow M-Possible brought with “Main Ones”, he spits about everything he said he doesn’t rap about on the previous track. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I would have placed a different track to follow “Remembered”. The hook on this song is tied into the beat and fits the vibe of the music well. While M-Possible mentions different substances (mostly bud and alcohol), the track is more on a lyrical/ballin approach, which gives me the idea that he’s not remaining focused on the material.

9- Never Gets Old feat. Last Week’s Topik

This instrumental and hook will have no problem getting listeners to move with the music. Last Week’s Topik and M-Possible use plug ins to change the sound of their voices and, even though I’m not much of a fan to these tactics, it works rather well for both emcees. Last Week’s Topik holds down the first verse while M-Possible locks in the final two verses. Both artists work well together. “Never Gets Old” adds to the growing Featured Tracks for Late Night Exploits.

10- Overflow

I’m just going to come out and say it- I think this is the worst written hook thus far on the album. “They steady hating cuz I’m pro”.. “Every night I gotta smoke, light up the dro, because I’m never going broke”… The first line doesnt even formulate an entire thought. The second reason just sounds lame (everyone should smoke if they’re never going broke?). These aren’t the only poorly written lines in the song, and M-Possible is really just rapping to be rapping on this one, and songs with no purpose give the audience very little to latch onto.

11- The Man

I’m digging the violin tied into the instrumental on this one. If M-Possible recorded this in true freestyle fashion then I have to give him props on it. Otherwise, M-Possible is doing the rapping just to be rapping thing again. In the beginning he aimed his bars at other emcees in general, at least, but even that seemed to be lost pretty quickly.

12- Rejuvenated

Alright, one or two songs of rapping just to rapping is one thing, but three tracks back-to-back-to-back? The hook that is built into the instrumental, which M-Possible could’ve tried spitting over or something, has nothing to do with his verses or the title of the song, for that matter. This is simply M-Possible spitting random bar after random bar, and not bringing the caliber of cleverness he had earlier in the album. Somehow you have to grab the attention of listeners, whether it be connecting with them on an emotional level or throwing in some shock value or even some comedic lines.

13- Midnight Thoughts

Now this is what I would expect from M-Possible when it comes to a ‘random bars’ type of track. Even though M-Possible could have went several different ways with his bars, he finds a way to pull them together to actually give the song some substance, then he takes it a step further by revealing some personal stuff that causes him to be emotionally involved with the lyrics. Midnight Thoughts is a fitting name for the hookless track, and is a solid addition to Late Night Exploits.

14- Theatre 16

Another track without a hook (this one has several different clips that play in place of the hook), M-Possible also goes back to the rapping to rap randomness. There are a few clever lines that I appreciated and that helped keep my attention more than the previous tracks like this one, but now we have half of the tracks on this album sounding so similar we could probably switch out the verses at random and it wouldn’t make a difference.

15- Gold feat. Cabu and Akacia

“Gold” has one of the best, if not the best, executed hooks on Late Night Exploits. This also seems to be the most positive-influenced track, as M-Possible talks about being successful but not in a ‘I’ll-murder-every-emcee-to-get-there’ manner. Instead the entire vibe is kind of uplifting and creates some feel-good vibes. M-Possible might not have brought his best round of bars on this track, but he doesn’t slack either. The end result is a sturdy conclusion to Late Night Exploits with the final Featured Track of the album.


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So Gone, Main Ones, I Got It, Never Gets Old, and Gold


M-Possible has made dramatic improvements in several areas. For the most part, his flow was a lot more polished and his delivery was more intriguing to the ear than I heard on the first album I reviewed, Nothing Is M-Possible. The downside, though, is the first album felt like it had more substance and connected with the audience a little more emotionally. Still, M-Possible proves he can actually create songs of substance while stepping it up lyrically and delivery his lyrics with bravado several times throughout this album, and that’s exactly where M-Possible wants to be.
Overall, M-Possible brings a stronger presence, better delivery, more lyrically sound album with Late Night Exploits in comparison to Nothing Is M-Possible. I’ll be looking for this guy to continue raising the bar for himself.


🌟 🌟 🌟 .5

(3.5 out of 5 stars)

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