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How is everyone? Been a while since I’ve been here, but I got a special treat for y’all today. Today’s review is on Scramn Goolsby’s new album Pay Dirt. In case you forgot how I do things, look for writing technicalities, prose, direction, and continuity. Content is important as well, only in respect to maintaining content integrity.

This album was executive produced by Bubba Sparxxx. Which means, I’m probably going to be more critical of it, since Bubba has been in the game for a while. And if it sucks, Bubba’s gonna get roasted. Shall we begin the track by track breakdown?


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1- Intro

This track is pretty self explanatory. It is a great introduction to the artist if you are not familiar with him. Technicalities are on point. Great rhyme schemes and use of words. He has a great sense of vocabulary. Engineering work is on point as well.

2- Get It In feat. Bubba Mathis and Rico Wade

This is another great track that in close a feature from Bubba himself, Scramn shows that he can carry his own weight on a track with a hip-hop veteran. His delivery is unique. His wordplay here is well executed.

3- Seen It feat. Jabba Jaw

Beat selection here is fantastic. This track demonstrates some punchlines. And I didn’t see it comin (lol). The feature here is a great choice. I’m not very familiar with Jabba Jaw, but its of little importance. This album came to me via email from the Bubba camp. I believe this is a preliminary review before release.

4- Turn Up Right Here

This is a great party track. Beat is reminds me of 3-6 Mafia. Scramn worked it well. The track is definitely his party anthem. Great club track, thats very well written.

5- Rollin feat. Fishscales

His delivery is different on every track. His diversity is incredible. I love the beat selection. Production value here is excellent. Wordplay is evident.

6- Wassup feat. Bubba Mathis

I love this track. The beat is great. And the content is super relatable. The writing technicalities here are great. Rhyme scheme is on point, and the hook is memorable.

7- Pay Dirt feat. Attitude and Big V

Being the title track, I expected nothing less than what it was. The “This is where I’m from” track. Very melodic feel to the hook, He’s not just a rapper. He’s a song writer.

8- Partypartyparty feat. Bizarre and Jarren Benton

Beginning to sense a concept here. This album is a ‘turn up’ album, but the technicalities are there. This guy is definitely bringing some skill to the game. He’s not your typical white rapper. His delivery is evolved. His flavor is diverse. In this track he demonstrates, without a doubt, that he can go head to head with some of the industries top lyricists. Great choice of features here, as Bizarre and Jarren Benton mesh well with Scramn.

9- Gone Try Me feat. Bonecrusher

This is the fight song one this album. The stick your chest out. Well worked wordplay and rhyme schemes are still apparent throughout. Engineering work is a strong feature of this track, which shows some creativity on Bubba’s part and Scramn’s. Bonecrusher makes his first appearance in a track list (that I have seen) for the first time in well over a decade.

10- Rap S*** feat. Sketch MCguiney

I like that the beat is used as the hook here. Scratching is one of my favorite musical elements of real hip-hop. The rhymes and vocab is on point here. Great blending of sounds.

11- Priceless feat. Grip Plyaz

This is the “I did it anyway track.” The “I made it without you track.” The hook is great. Wordplay is well used.

12- Sky

The sad track. I love the feel here. An ode to his step father. And a song for his mother. This track explores his soul. Really shows who he is.

13- Wassup (DJ KO remix) feat. Bubba Mathias

There really isn’t much to say about a remix. I like them for what they are…..if well done. This one….well done.


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It’s hard to name the Featured Tracks. They should be tracks that stand out to you. But none of them did. All of them were excellent tracks.


In closing, this album was far better than I expected to hear. Scramn will be a force in the hiphop community for a while. This album is a clear piss on the tree. He definitely marked his territory. I look forward to this album’s release and more from Bubba’s camp. Highly recommend it.



(5 out of 5 stars)

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