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iLLest EP


An album by iLL-Matter

Review presented by Warren Peace

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iLL-Matter recently scooped up one of our review/promotional packages, although I’m not really sure how he found out about The Write Reviews. Regardless, it always makes me smile when someone connects with the website out of the clear blue sky. iLL-Matter is a young man from Illinois with big aspirations, and one of those goals is to be recognized as a top tier emcee. Anyone who has taken hip hop seriously knows that is one hell of a bar to set, but iLL-Matter has decided he won’t settle for anything less. He is willing and ready to put in the time, blood, sweat, tears, and make the sacrifices necessary to learn the craft and build on his skill set. And his iLLest EP will be his introduction to The Write Reviews, so let’s get started!


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1- Time of My Life

I really enjoy the instrumental selection for the opening track of the iLLest EP. The track starts off with a catchy hook that iLL-Matter performs pretty well. His flow is a little choppy at times, but his content is meaningful and the audience should be able to tell that his lyrics are coming from the heart. iLL-Matter could benefit from practicing the timing on his delivery to make sure it matches up well with the beat. Incorporating multiple syllable rhyme schemes into his bars will also help his flow become smoother. iLL-Matter has content worth listening to and a solid approach with his music, which is definitely a plus.

2- Matthew

A more relaxed vibe comes with the music for the second track of the album. As he explains in his cliche introduction, he tells the story of Matthew during the course of the song. Again, his flow isn’t always smooth due to some of his lines being considerably longer than others. It’s important to maintain the rhythm with the lyrics in hip hop because the voice should be used as if it were another instrument, meaning the vocals could be taken out and replaced with an instrument and the music would still have a cadence to it. He does incorporate more multiple syllable rhymes, which is where his flow is the strongest and rolls well with the music. In the content, instead of explaining how Matthew feels, it would help the audience connect if iLL-Matter explained what was causing Matthew to have those feelings. This track has its positives and negatives.

3- That Hustle

That Hustle begins by being a track about hustling, but seems to end with bars aimed at other rappers in general. Even iLL-Matter sounds confused on which direction he wants to go with the track by the time the song comes to an end. I feel the hook, in its entirety, is the best hook that iLL-Matter drops on the EP.

4- Murder Ink (Spit Like Me II)

Murder Ink (Spit Like Me II) is iLL-Matter’s “attack on all rappers”. The attitude in his delivery is on point, but his punchlines are lackluster. I think the end of the hooks exhibit iLL-Matter’s best sound for a delivery to be heard throughout the album. His lines are a little better matched, in terms of syllable count, which helps his flow stay more in rhythm with the music. For what this track is meant to be though, Murder Ink (Spit Like Me II) falls short.

5- Set Down The Pen

Set Down The Pen has iLL-Matter delivering lines that don’t always go well together and cause some awkward moments during the course of the track. I’m not sure if the phrase ‘go get some rest’ is catching on in Illinois, but I’m hoping it is. Lyrically, iLL-Matter follows suite with the last few songs.

6- End of the Tunnel

“End of the Tunnel” has a great concept behind the lyrics, however the flow is rather choppy as the plainly written lyrics are delivered. While his flow could use some adjustments, he is able to stick with the subject matter and uses an extensive vocabulary. The hook is pretty cliche, but needs a little something more to cling to listeners. Overall, “End of the Tunnel” is a pretty solid track.


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End of the Tunnel


iLL-Matter has a lot of things going well for him. If he practices and develops everything mentioned above as well as more ‘elements of writing’ (as I like to call them), such as metaphors and punchlines, then iLL-Matter will find himself on the right path of reaching his goals. The iLLest EP isn’t the force iLL-Matter would like for it to be, but it does show potential.


🌟 🌟

(2 out of 5 stars)

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