Not A Mixtape

Not A Mixtape


An album by E’the Rapper

Review presented by Annexx

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The Intro

E the Rapper has been a feature of the underground for a while now. He is primarily a battle rapper. He has released two diss tracks aimed at Joyner Lucas, has done a remix to an Adele track, and likes to use older tunes such as the Sonic the Hedgehog theme music and Barneys theme music to create funny and entertaining drops on YouTube. His music is very open and personal. The content is very expressive and exposes darker parts of his life openly and in a comedic way.


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The Album

1- Domino Effect

This track opens with some super mellow vibing going on. The beat is rich and makes one feel the domino effect. His flow is meticulous. In this track, the first track on his first release, his aim is clearly to show himself to be a lyricist with a conscious. In my opinion, mission passed.

2- Green Eggs and Ham

This track is full of ominous overtones. It has a very psychological edge running through it. Lots of role playing going on here. The beat matches the tone of the content. As for writing technicalities, he writes like he has been writing for a long time and has mastered some of the harder aspects of rhyme.

3- Out The Window feat. Logikil

The Hook Though!! I’m not even going to say anything about this track besides the fact that it is now in my personal rotation.

4- Just Like Me

The average working guy anthem. His use of simile here is paramount. One of the most technical tracks I have had the pleasure of reviewing. The beat and lyrics are a perfect match. It’s almost as if he wrote the lyrics first and fit the music to his words.

5- Redbull and Cocaine

I love it. The track opens in the Wild West and E the Rapper comes in with guns blazing. Heavy hitting lyricism right out the door. The persona he develops here grows with every track.

6- Psycho feat. Logikil

Opening with the hook and the first verse going to Logikil, E lets his song writing ability show with this one. The delivery is superb. His bars are unmatched. The use of metaphors are overshadowed only by the hook.

7- Opinionated Romance

Opening with a music box, this track is a glimpse into his personal psyche. He compares himself to the world around him and describes what that does to his mind and the minds of those that love him. His lyrical ability comes second to content in this track. His flow and delivery are flawless in this track. I feel like it’s the most personal track on this whole project.

8- Woman’s Roar

Unrequited Love should be the name of this track. Delivered from the perspective of a woman, this piece describes love unanswered. The richness of the metaphor that is the entire song is unparalleled. He is woman. Music is the man. It takes and takes his love but offers none in return to him (as a woman). So, so rich.

9- Dead and Gone

His metaphors are always well written. I have been able to follow every bar he spits. Nothing has made me wonder what he means. This track is about more than just a bad relationship. His delivery keeps me intrigued. It is emotional. He puts himself into each track.

10- Too Paranoid feat. Logikil

After a lengthy intro, Logikil leads the track exhibiting his own skill as a lyricist. The ability to write a song and not just hot bars has been demonstrated time and again on this project. E the Rapper comes in with his own brand of lyricism and kills his verse with a back and forth play with some vocal editing.

11- Big Bad Wolf feat. Charlie Muscle

In this track, E presents himself as a threat to the industry rap game. I would have to agree. This track uses all aspects of his writing repertoire. Showcasing his lyricism, highlighted by a simple beat, this song is a great way to end his first full length project.


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Featured Tracks

Out the Window, Psycho, Redbull and Cocaine, and Woman’s Roar

The Write Up

E the Rapper has presented a great freshman album here. I’m sure he had lots of practice and time to refine his pen game before he decided to step into the booth and record a full length album. The title here “Not a Mixtape,” is an apt choice for this project as it is presented in such a concise and well tuned project. The focus was clear from the beginning of this album. It was meant as an introduction to him. He explored himself with this piece and I’m glad I decided to ride with this album.

Star Status

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

(4 out of 5 stars)

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