Good Morning World EP

Good Morning World EP


An album by Kleyn Kutt

Review presented by Warren Peace

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The Intro

Kleyn Kutt is an artist from Louisville, Kentucky who has a deep passion for making hip hop music. The Write Reviews came across Kleyn Kutt for the first time a few months ago, and has been in constant communication with the artist from that moment forward. Kleyn Kutt recently released his six track EP titled “Good Morning World” and expressed interest in having the album reviewed on the website. The Write Reviews gladly accepted, enjoying the idea of giving hip hop fans a review on music with a more positive approach and a little bit of a different sound and feel than the usual hip hop artist conveys. Will Kleyn Kutt get the nod of approval from The Write Reviews, or will The Write Reviews have too many negative things to say about the album with a positive approach? Let’s find out!


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The Album

1- Open Up Your Mind feat. Peace

The entire album is opened up with a clip from a movie, and an all too familiar actor’s voice, to kick everything off. The clip has a meaningful message behind it, which adds to the interest of the audience. Kleyn Kutt is the first emcee on the album. He has a smooth flow, involves metaphors and matter-of-fact lyrical content, and has a confident presence on the microphone. The instrumental utilizes unusual sounds, which is intriguing for any audience. The hook is catchy and has well written lyrics. Peace comes onto the beat with an impressive verse that includes a captivating flow and interesting content. Kleyn Kutt has the last verse and does not shy away from his approach used in the first verse. This is a great start to the EP. Open Up Your Mind begins the Good Morning World EP with an easily selected Featured Track.

2- Mary Jane feat. Dubb and Jurel, The Deity

I like almost everything about the beat, except for the woman’s singing that is blended into the instrumental. Honestly, that part of the music is borderline annoying. Kleyn Kutt makes good use of metaphors while maintaining a solid flow. The hook is a bit of a mixture of phrases while finding a way to still be catchy, which creates more interest for the audience. Dubb is the emcee on the second verse and uses a smooth flow while delivering some great metaphors. Jurel, The Deity is on the last verse with a completely different sound to his vocals than the previous emcees. Jurel’s flow seems to stumble slightly compared when with Kleyn Kutt and Dubb. His content is not quite on par with the other emcees, either. The tracks concludes with a slowed down version of the hook and instrumental. Falling just short of the Featured Tracks list, Mary Jane is still a solid addition to the Good Morning World EP.

3- Baby What’s Your Name? feat. Johnny Juliano

Featuring a slower style beat, Baby What’s Your Name? begins with Kleyn Kutt’s fluid flow and a more simplistic approach to his lyrical content. The hook is fun, catchy, and really brings life to the entire track. This entire song is likely to make people dance. Johnny Juliano matches Kleyn Kutt’s flow, sticks to the topic really well, and adds a fantastic closing line to his verse. Kleyn Kutt comes back onto the beat for the third verse. Still not too lyrical with his content, which isn’t really needed for this type of track, Kleyn Kutt does not slack in any other aspect to bring the track to a close. One more round of the hook and a little talk from Kleyn Kutt concludes Baby What’s Your Name?, which becomes the second Featured Track of the album

4- My Breakdown Lady feat. Freddie Joachim

This beat is wicked, showcasing a great rhythm that is likely to get anyone who is in earshot to move with the music. Kleyn Kutt has the opening verse, delivering a solid flow with content that sticks to the topic at hand. The hook, performed by Freddie Joachim, is probably going to find its way stuck in the minds of the audience, although I feel the vocal level is just a little too low. Kleyn Kutt come back on the track with the second verse, which delivers more lyrical content and a multiple syllable style flow that adds complexity that will be more intriguing for listeners. The hook returns again before Kleyn Kutt laces the third verse with more of a story telling approach to his lyrics, showcasing another ability he has with his pen, and concludes the verse very well. My Breakdown Lady is also just slightly short of hitting the Featured Tracks list, yet still is a good addition to the Good Morning World EP.

5- Chilling feat. Mannie Russell

I really enjoy how this instrumental blends old school and new school, which is only going to prove to be more enjoyable for the audience. Kleyn Kutt jumps onto the track with a flow that is proving to stay smooth and a more lyrical edge, including wordplay and metaphors, than displayed on the last few tracks. The chorus here is catchy as well and switches up to maintain the interest of the audience. Mannie Russell holds down the middle verse with a dance club mindframe that is not as lyrical as Kleyn Kutt’s approach but still stays on topic and showcases a steady flow. Kleyn Kutt comes back onto the track with another lyrical verse that involves more metaphors and wordplay. This song is a very solid display of talent, landing Chilling a spot on the Featured Tracks.

6- Until My Ass Is Rich

Proving to select great beats, Until My Ass Is Rich has another solid instrumental for the album. I really like the message behind the lyrics throughout this track, lacing the slow tempo beat with quality content. There are an abundance of metaphors mixed with real-to-life lyrics that will be relatable to many in the audience. The hook may not be as catchy as in previous Tracks, but it could very well be the most captivating of them all. The final verse goes hard on the lyrical tip, pushing Kleyn Kutt into the lyrical emcee status, and the final hook switches up the lyrics to conclude the song, and album, with a more positive vibe and feeling for the audience. Until My Ass Is Rich is my favorite track of the EP and makes the Featured Tracks list with ease.


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Featured Tracks

Open Up Your Mind, Baby What’s Your Name?, Chilling, and Until My Ass Is Rich


The Write Up

This is nothing short of impressive for the first breakdown of an album by Kleyn Kutt here at The Write Reviews. While the EP seemed to be geared more toward the ladies than the world at times during the course of the album, Kleyn Kutt still showcased an abundance of talent behind the pen as well as behind the microphone. The selection of instrumentals proved Kleyn Kutt has a great ear for beats that will get people moving, as well as putting together hooks that are likely to stick with his listeners long after they’ve finished listening to the album. There’s a little bit of storytelling, some lyrical verses displaying a great writing ability, and a few solid collaborations to prove he can work well with others. If I were going to complain about anything on the album, it would be geared towards a couple of the featured verses from other artists that seemed slightly out of place, as if the emcees were not quite on the same page, and the fact that this EP as a whole leaned a little more towards women instead of the world, which could’ve easily been fixed by including one or two more tracks. Even still, the EP would not have received a classic status rating because there are no songs that are really groundbreaking or touch on a topic that no artist has dared to put on a song up to this point. To reach the classic status level, there must be something on the album that really pushes the envelope or knocks down barriers and pushes past any limitations. I do feel like Kleyn Kutt has the ability to put together such an album, which is exactly why I am bringing this up right now. Good Morning World EP is a great group of tracks that should grab anyone who listens and gain attention for Kleyn Kutt, and I have no doubt that was more or less his exact purpose with this album. Kleyn Kutt has made a name with this one, and The Write Reviews will continue following this artist on his journey to becoming one of the best.


Star Status


(3.5 out of 5 stars)

Kleyn Kutt was named an Artist of the Month and one of our Featured Emcees!

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