The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter cover art
Mad Hatter cover art

An album by Savage Daffy

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The Intro

After coming across The Write Reviews website and checking out some of the reviews, Savage Daffy contacted me about doing a review on his recently released album The Mad Hatter. Without even listening to a track I accepted, simply because I could tell he was very passionate about his music. Now here we are, ready to give it a breakdown and find out just how serious he is about his craft. Ladies and gentlemen, The Mad Hatter gets dissected and analyzed!


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The Album

1- Down The Rabbit Hole

The introduction to The Mad Hatter begins with creepy music and eerie sounds, and the slowed down voice of Morpheus from The Matrix movies quoting the red pill/blue pill discussion. Solid opening for an album as it grabs the audience’s attention and is creative in the process.

2- Bury ‘Em

I like the instrumental here on the first real song of the album. Not something you would typically hear, the beat is fun and has its own type of bounce to it. I cannot lie, as soon as Savage Daffy started speaking I rolled my eyes and thought “not ANOTHER Insane Clown Posse knock off who sounds stupid on the microphone”. Within minutes, I ate my words. Savage Daffy might be another supporter of the Juggalos of the world, but he is definitely not someone who sounds stupid on the microphone. The hook is very catchy, and will have many listeners spitting it while at work the day after hearing it. Savage Daffy has great microphone presence, his lyrics comes through the speakers clearly, and his flow is impressive from the start. His lyrical content is more about letting everyone know he deserves to have his hand wrapped around the mic while he throws his own style into his I.C.P. influenced delivery. While there are not many lines that stick out or shook me at the core, this entire song impressed me just on Savage Daffy’s energy and flow alone. People are going to enjoy this one, and that’s why it gets listed with the Featured Tracks.

3- The Wicked This Way Comes

Switching up the strategy when it comes to the lyrics and delivery, Savage Daffy comes onto the track with a fresh approach in his vocals. The music behind the words has a bit up an upbeat feel to it and a rhythm anyone could easily move to. Savage Daffy does not play off of that at all, though. Instead he sings about the wicked coming, and how you can run from your life, but can you change your life? He speaks in a couple of areas of the song about feeling like he is in a dream of some kind and wants to wake up from it. The Wicked This Way Comes is not your typical song when it comes to the structure, but I like how Savage Daffy changed it from the norm while still delivering an entertaining track that should keep things interesting for listeners. Great addition to the album.

4- Briar Patch

Here we have a rock and roll sound to the music, bringing another element to the album already. Savage Daffy gets right to it, delivering his confidence through his presence behind the microphone and continuing where he left of in Bury ‘Em with a solid flow. He does a great job sticking to the topics in his songs thus far. The chorus on Briar Patch is not quite as catchy as Bury ‘Em, but is still put together nicely and presented well for the audience. The Briar Patch is full of our vices, weaknesses, and unhealthy desires. Every time we succumb to them and realize where we are, we tear ourselves apart trying to get out of the mess we put ourselves in. Great metaphor and the verses bring everything to light for his audience with well written lyrics. From top to bottom, this song has a good message and Savage Daffy delivers a great performance, securing a spot in the Featured Tracks along the way.

5- You’re Next

This beat carries another kind of vibe to it, and will not liked by some but will probably still cause those that do not like it to bounce along with it before the song is over. Savage Daffy showcases an ability to speed up and slow down his flow in this song, which is something he has not displayed yet on the album. The chorus sums the track up really well, but I can’t say I am a huge fan of it overall. There is another good message that comes through the lyrics, encouraging people to stay strong and not fall into the many pits of life. If you fall, you’ll be the next in life to enter the eternal darkness. While You’re Next is not a song I would consider a favorite, I also wouldn’t skip over it while listening to the album. Another slot on The Mad Hatter filled by a well-rounded track.

6- Mind The Hat

The instrumental for Mind The Hat is another on the album with some bounce to it. So far, I have enjoyed the music throughout the album. The hook on Mind The Hat is kind of slowed down and drags out in the delivery, which Im not a big fan of, but the verses sound just a lively as anything has on the album. Savage Daffy continues bringing good things to the audience through his lyrics, as Mind The Hat shares a similar message as Briar Patch but also speaks about people having dark hearts and ill intentions. Another song that will not under the Featured Tracks for The Mad Hatter album, Mind The Hat definitely is not the first of the album to disappoint as I am sure many people will really enjoy the track.

7- Last Laugh

Savage Daffy switches it up on Last Laugh, ripping through the beat with a fast paced flow that includes an in your face approach and a superb delivery to the lyrics. The beat fits the speed of Savage Daffy’s lyrical barrage perfectly. Not a typical song in length or structure, Last Laugh is more of a straight verse with a hook thrown into the mix at the end. The hook is catchy, by the way, and Savage Daffy still continues pushing good messages instead of just throwing lines together to make a song. Last Laugh is more of an interlude on the album, if you ask me, but would have easily made the Featured Tracks list had there been just a little more to the track, like an extra verse perhaps. Good stuff here, no doubt.

8- Jokes On You

I like everything about this instrumental, except for the damn horn that blows through during the entire song. Savage Daffy’s message through his words on this track aims toward the people who lie and are deceiving to make themselves feel better, and while they might be able to pick on others for a good laugh, when it’s all over the joke is on them. He brings another solid performance with a confident delivery, smooth switches in his flow’s speed, and well written lyrics. The chorus is a little plain sounding to me, although it does sum up the track’s content really well. Savage Daffy keeps things going on The Mad Hatter without a disappointing song as of yet.

9- Hole Of A Heart

Hole Of A Heart has a nearly identical message as Mind The Hat, yet seems to come together better in my opinion. The beat has a brooding feel to it as does the chorus, which means both compliment each other well. Savage Daffy’s verses carry the same message but he changes his delivery with different speeds to his flow, tones in his voice, and random interjections that keep things interesting. Hole Of A Heart is an entertaining song to say the least, easily sliding into a Featured Tracks slot.

10- More Than Myself

More Than Myself brings a whole new subject to the surface just in time. Sort of a love ballad so to speak, Savage Daffy speaks about loving someone more than himself even though it comes at his own expense sometimes. The hook is kind of dark with its delivery, and the verses focus on his passion for his love interest while dealing with the despise he feels for himself. This is a deep song lyrically, bringing several layers through the words Savage Daffy spits into the microphone. I can relate to More Than Myself, and I am sure there are many in the audience who will as well. More Than Myself stands out on the album, and stands up with the Featured Tracks.

11- Reigning Pain

Bringing back the rock vibe, Reigning Pain has a great melody to the mix of sounds from the instruments played. The lyrics Savage Daffy spits on Reigning Pain refer to staying in the positive and productive areas of life instead of the sadness and pain he has experienced in life. I like the hook on Reigning Pain, using the rough sound of his voice to help carry the sadness in his tone is a good idea. Savage Daffy incorporates some metaphors into his verses, but keeps most of his lyrics pretty matter of fact. I could see myself drinking a beer or three to this song on a lonely night, which means Savage Daffy did a great job capturing the feeling he wanted to on the track. He also caught another slot on the Featured Tracks list.

12- Lower Than Low

Singing to the strumming of guitar strings, Savage Daffy brings yet another completely different sound to his album and continues the entertainment that is keeping everything interesting for listeners. In Lower Than Low, Savage Daffy gets really hard on himself. The sadness and depressive lyrics come from the heart and he emotionally sings with the sound of the guitar, showing a pretty impressive vocal range. Lower Than Low is a nice change of pace for the album and a good addition to The Mad Hatter.

13- Broken Memories

The strumming of guitar strings continue into Broken Memories, but includes some other sounds to bring more flavor to the music. Savage Daffy sings on this track as well, but blends some rapping into the mix too. The chorus is pretty catchy, and I’m sure the overall feeling of the song is going to be liked by listeners. His topic of choice leads to broken memories and how they remind him of poor decisions in the past as well as the reminder of not wanting to create any future memories that could become broken. This is another great song on The Mad Hatter, and has enough feeling and emotion to connect with the audience on another level. Looks like the Featured Tracks just gained another track from the album.

14- Beautiful Angel Girl

The audience gets presented with more of a rock vibe with the music for Beautiful Angel Girl. Savage Daffy stays in his singing mode on the chorus while switching back to a rap flow during the verses. This track gets dedicated to his significant other, expressing his love and desire to always be beside her. The verses involve a great deal of metaphors and a smooth use of multiple syllable rhyme schemes. This song just misses the Featured Tracks, but only because there is not anything that truly separates this song from the many, many others that have been released in this history of music. Regardless, this is a very good song that is likely to touch some hearts.

15- Prepare For Inoculation

To bring the album to a close, the audience is given an instrumental that sounds like it would be played at a rave. Savage Daffy does not really deliver the standard type of song here, but instead showcases his talent over the beat, which completely changes into a rock type of vibe. He switches his delivery from rap, to rock, and then to singing in parts when the beat gets changed again into a softer sounding tune with a gentle vibe. A very cool, entertaining way to close out The Mad Hatter.


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Featured Tracks

Bury ‘Em, Briar Patch, Hole Of A Heart, More Than Myself, Reigning Pain, and Broken Memories.

The Write Up

I am more than impressed, to say the least. Savage Daffy displays creativity, originality, a solid sense of self, bring good messages through his music. He is very diverse in his delivery, able to adjust from rapping to singing without missing a beat or losing momentum with the audience. Savage Daffy uses metaphors very well, connects his emotions through his lyrics to his audience with ease, and would only benefit more if he were able to tie in wordplay through his verses to give listeners more of a reason to have to go back and listen to the music again. I would’ve liked to hear a song where he just shredding lyrically, but it does not really fit the mold of the album so I can understand why there is not a track like that included. I will be watching for more music from Savage Daffy, as he just gained a new fan. Keep an eye out for a future review on Savage Daffy coming to The Write Reviews!

Star Status


(4 out of 5 stars)

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