ToDejaVu cover art
ToDejaVu cover art

An album by Joel Venom

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The Intro

Joel Venom is an artist with a pretty lengthy discography, including a couple instrumental albums. His music is found on many websites, and a lot of it is available completely free for the public. The Write Reviews examined Curfew 2, an album also by Joel Venom, as the first review ever posted in our catalog. Doing that review, and listening to Venom’s progress over the years in the underground scene, is what led to this review of his latest album, an EP titled ToDejaVu.


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The Album

1- Geometry (prod. by T’$teez)

The album starts off slowly as the beat builds up, and when it completely drops, it proves to have a lot of bounce that will get the audience moving to the music. Joel Venom kicks ToDejaVu off with a hell of a chorus to pull the listeners even deeper in, which is a great way to begin an album. Instead of going after a specific target, Joel Venom seems to go with the feeling of the music when it comes to his lyrics, and as the chorus says, he simply shares his sound with everyone. Venom does a great job displaying his variety of deliveries as well as his ability to transition between lyrical lines and lyrics that bounce with the beat. Geometry is a solid opening track for the album and has intrigued me to see what’s next.

2- 07SZN (prod. by DeadKeys)

This beat is my type of stuff as the music has a slowed, dark, and methodic approach that could easily be used in a horror movie. Joel Venom seems to get the same vibe from the music, as he spits lyrics filled with dark images with some wordplay and true to life metaphors. This isn’t the typical song with verses and choruses, but more like one long super verse from Venom, but it fits the mood of the beat and the aura he delivers in his lyrics. 07SZN is a great follow-up song to Geometry, and is the first of the Featured Tracks for ToDejaVu.

3- Wild feat. Troop (prod. by Marc Markus)

Completely switching everything up, Joel Venom takes another slower paced beat and turns it into a ballad for the women. The music is easy to move with, and I’m sure Venom’s female audience will enjoy dancing to this. Venom performs a catching hook with a sing-song delivery and nails it, as it should be something that sticks out on the entire album. His verses stay true to the hook and get delivered in similar fashion. Wild Things is one of those tracks that will be enjoyed by anyone during any time of the day or, even better, the night. It’s am easy decision to put Wild Things on the Featured Tracks list.

4- Captain Planet (prod. by Joel Venom)

This beat has a bit of an intense and hype feel to it without having crazy with effects or anything. Venom did a solid job on this instrumental. He kicks it off with another catchy chorus involving a couple of lines that make me want to get hype, so I’m guessing Venom has the same feeling about this instrumental as I do. The verses are on point as Joel Venom brings wordplay, switches in the flow, and enforces the hype atmosphere of the beat on another level. Captain Planet gives us three Featured Tracks out of four ToDejaVu songs so far.

5- Liquid Courage (Codeine Crazy)

Reverting back to his earlier unorthodox song structure, Joel Venom gives the audience another straight verse without requiring the presence of a hook. Still giving the listeners creative line after line with an entertaining delivery, to me it seems like Liquid Courage (Codeine Crazy) leaves a little something to be desired. At the end of the track, I couldn’t believe how quick the first half of the album flew by. Good thing there’s a lot of replay value so far.

6- Already feat. Yung Juice and Indo (prod. by A-Jay Beats)

So far, Joel Venom is proving to have a knack for taking beats that don’t necessarily have a lot involved within them and turning these beats into music with bounce that’s contagious by lacing a catchy hook that captures the mood of the music perfectly. Joel Venom takes the first verse and runs with it. His lyrics focus on himself and trying to get ahead in life, although he does get a little all over the place with his content. Yung Juice picks up the microphone for the second verse and goes on the attack with his lines as he talks about taking out anyone in his way, more or less. Indo opens up the third verse with some nice wordplay and a captivating flow. Indo delivers one hell of a verse til the end, where Joel Venom closes everything out with the hook. Already is a great addition to ToDejaVu.

7- Go feat. Troop

Joel Venom does it again; taking a slower style beat and locking the entire mood and feeling into his delivery and lyrics of the hook. He continues the approach into the opening verse, speaking about having support from his team while connecting with a female, at a party most likely. Troop brings his unique flow in the second verse, staying on pace and point with Joel Venom’s lyrics. I like everything about this song from beginning to end as any audience to the track will. Go hits the Featured Tracks list.

8- The Trillxst

This might be in my top twenty-five instrumentals of all-time. Honestly, I enjoy the beat that much. Joel Venom goes in and doesn’t let up, bringing us another straight stretch of lyrics without a hook. Joel even laces several metaphors that seem to reference to the beat being everything. Wordplay combined with in your face lyrics is the content Joel Venom uses to reach out to his audience, and it felt to me like he was speaking directly to the listeners throughout most of the verse. The Trillxst is a lock for a slot on the Featured Tracks.

9- Dubious (prod. by Roca Beats)

The last track of ToDejaVu has hard bass line combined with a quick pace to the highs, allowing Joel to switch his flow however he was throughout the track. Instead, he opts to expand his vocal range for everyone and just seems to flow with how he’s feeling the music. It’s a cool way to end the album, no doubt, but I wonder if it would’ve left more of an impression to close out with The Trillxst and to slide this up the track list a few slots. Regardless, the hook here will do a fine job getting stuck in the audience’s heads, and Joel Venom closes out ToDejaVu on a very solid note.


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Featured Tracks

07SZN, Wild Things, Captain Planet, Go, and The Trillxst.

The Write Up

Joel Venom kind of snuck this one out there for everyone. I am not really sure if anyone expected this collection of songs or not, but The Write Reviews keeps tabs on all previously reviewed artists, and the release of ToDejaVu came as a complete surprise. Even better, after hearing the album a few times, I was completely surprised. Not because of the sudden showcase of lyrical ability displayed by Joel Venom, actually he showcased more of that in Curfew 2, but because this album feels to have grown with him a bit and he combines his ever-changing unique delivery with emotion that will be felt by the audience. ToDejaVu is also one of those albums you enjoy even more after playing it several times, and is sure to be put in regular rotation for most of the people who give the album a listen.

Star Status


(4 out of 5 stars)

Joel Venom was selected for the Artist of the Month!

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