Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy


Open Door Policy cover art
                Open Door Policy cover art

An album by Loose Logic

Beats by The Gonz • Produced by Bort

Review by Warren Peace

Link to Open Door Policy by Loose Logic

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The Intro

Loose Logic is an artist from southern California who has had a lot of trials and tribulations in his lifetime. The Write Reviews has posted a review on two of Loose Logic’s albums, the first being Perception and the second being Lucid Dreams 2.5. With his third album released in less than a year, Open Door Policy consists of five beats by The Gonz and some personal, deep lyrics from Loose Logic. The Write Reviews gladly accepted an early copy of Open Door Policy so every one of you could find out what’s in store with this upcoming album. Is it a flop? Will it be worth your money? Or is this an epic album you’re destined to play for all of your friends? Let’s find out with the breakdown.


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The Album

1- Hollow

This is my favorite song of the album, although the separation between one and five are to minuscule to bring the topic up anymore. The beat has a smooth speed and switches up as the music plays, keeping the ears of listeners very busy. Loose Logic gives the audience the impression he is speaking about his chick in the lyrics of the song, although after several times of hearing the track, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a metaphor for something that I’m not catching somehow. Opening up with a verse, Loose Logic brings metaphors and imagery to help begin painting the picture of a relationship that faces turmoil and disagreements which only end in words being said that are never acted upon. The chorus is catchy and helps bring men and women deeper into the track while giving the audience an overall perspective on the song. There’s wordplay and more within the lyrics of this song, and the metaphors Loose Logic delivers leave listeners stuck within the walls of the track. Fantastic way to open the album and grasp the attention of the audience. Hollow is bound to be a featured track of the Featured Tracks when it’s all said and done.

2- A Little Time

Another great instrumental with drums that will shake your body up and plenty of other fun sounds blended with entire style switches within the music. Picking up where he left off on Hollow, A Little Time takes the situation with his chick a step further by speaking about have a break and separating with her in his lyrics. His perspective is still spelled through imagery, metaphors, and some scattered, but clever, wordplay. The hook swings for the fences as Loose Logic shows the audience he can also sing and carry a rune while delivering a chorus listeners will find themselves randomly singing at work. A Little Time adds to the number of Featured Tracks for Open Door Policy.

3- No Air

The music slows down a little bit with No Air, yet maintains the ear-gasmic ability The Gonz has brought to the table so far. The transitions between tracks are flawless, in my opinion. Lyrically, Loose Logic goes in a little harder than he has so far on the album. The overall aspect Loose Logic delivers ties in the previous two tracks, but still manages to step out into some other territories of his personal life as well. The metaphors, wordplay, and imagery are accompanied by some punchlines here while switches up in the rhythm of the flow keeps things very entertaining and interesting for audiences. The chorus is fitting for the entire track and adds another level of flavor that will draw listeners into the music. Loose Logic does it again here, adding another one to the Featured Tracks list.

4- Mr. Shrink

It doesn’t stop. The Gonz brings a funky beat with plenty of bounce and energy for the audience to vibe with. Loose Logic goes into the track with some attitude and intensity in his delivery. Wordplay and punchlines are much more abundant in this song than previous tracks, bringing yet another element of Loose Logic’s skill to the forefront for listeners. Another catchy chorus that puts the track into perspective and adds another element of depth with its last two lines. More personal issues are brought to light as well, giving the audience even more to relate to and understand about Loose Logic. The outro to the song is a nice little touch that simply adds some humor to an otherwise touchy subject for most people. Mr. Shrink continues Open Door Policy’s Featured Track streak.

5- I’m Ready

I really enjoy the jazzy sound of the instrumental on the hook, while slowing down in rhythm when it’s time for the verses. Another great mix of style, pace, and bounce appeal from The Gonz. Loose Logic touches on a lot of his thoughts and areas in his life during the course of this song. He opens up singing on the song, and does a very impressive job if I say so myself. Starting things off, Loose Logic speaks about some self-reflection that leads to the hook. The chorus is full on singing from Loose Logic, and reaches out about being ready to go to the next level with things in his life. The second verse reveals a very deep truth about addiction. In the last verse he reflects on triumph over the dark days in his past and how his daughter played a huge part in changing his lifestyle. Without a doubt, I’m Ready fills the last Featured Tracks slot that could possibly be filled for Open Door Policy.


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Featured Tracks

Hollow, A Little Time, No Air, Mr. Shrink, and I’m Ready.

The Write Up

When I first received this album from Loose Logic, I was disappointed by the number of tracks. I had guessed between ten and twelve songs, but five? Only five?? I wondered how I would be able to rate it on the Star Status, and at first I decided that I would have to make a requirement for a certain number of songs in order to give an album a rating. Then I heard Open Door Policy and knew none of that would be an issue. There isn’t a groundbreaking track or any taboo topics to cause controversy, yet Loose Logic delivers every lyric perfectly and brings some life issues onto the beats The Gonzalez has provided in such a way that I have no doubt people from all walks of life will be able to appreciate. With only five songs, Loose Logic and The Gonz convinced me that hip hop still has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. This is also the first album centered around relationships issues that I have ever considered a classic. That’s right, I said classic. Loose Logic’s Open Door Policy could only get one possible complaint from me… there’s only FIVE tracks. The people need more, because that’s exactly what they’ll want after hearing this album.

Star Status


(5 out of 5 stars)

Loose Logic was selected for the Artist of the Month!

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