Moment Of Truth

Moment Of Truth


An album by Legacy

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The Intro

I found out about Legacy by hearing him on a couple different features by artists I have reviewed. When I found out, through one of those artists, that Legacy had a full length album out, I had to review it. Here we have Moment Of Truth, and the break down from The Write Reviews!


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The Album

1- Intro

I like the beat. Legacy comes out of the gate with great mic presence. His flow is crazy and he incorporates a lot of multiple syllable rhymes without forcing the phrases. The intensity of this beat just builds with the rapid fire lyrical delivery. Nice opening track.

2- Never Make It

The beat here has a relaxed, easy-going vibe. Again, Legacy hits the track with great mic presence and a flow like water. There are some personal lyrics brought up here, and more of a real to life feeling to the words. The chorus is catchy and chill. Very relatable lyrics that Legacy is still able to tie some wordplay into. Definitely a Featured Track.

3- Careless

Another relaxed beat with a good feeling vibe. Starts off with the hook, which is a good fit for the beat. Legacy’s flow stays smooth as he speaks about some real life issues and how he doesn’t let it get him down, including defeating the doubters. Careless is a solid addition to the album.

4- No Love In Me feat. Big Tone

I couldn’t help but notice how the guy on the chorus sounds like Master P as the track kicks off with the chorus. I like the words and feelings the chorus creates. The bottom line, though, is Legacy lyrically rips the hell out of this track. Punchlines, multi’s, wordplay…it’s all here. Just great line after great line and a solid feature that brings everything full circle. We have our second Featured Track of the album.

5- Darker Side

Honestly, Darker Side might be my favorite track of the album. The beat is chill, but has this slight intensity to it that allows Legacy enough room to go off on the track with his rapid fire delivery, and believe me, he does. Another showcase of skill lyrically, with his delivery, wordplay, and flow. Darker Side has a spot on the Featured Tracks.

6- What It Made Me feat. Tay and Smoove

Not sure how I feel about the beat, maybe its the repeat piano keys that Im not exactly feeling. Legacy opens up with some direction, then his lyrical content kind of scatters to me. Other than the flow that Tay displays, Im not a huge fan of his verse. Smoove had the verse with the most direction and solid content lyrically. The chorus is kind of catchy. This is the first track of the album I feel could use some work.

7- Ventin pt 5

The beat has a pretty fast vibe to it, and Legacy lyrically turns up as he delivers great lyrics about struggling and having to deal with an incredible amount of obstacles along the way. Ventin pt. 5 is a fantastic addition to the Moment Of Truth, and another addition to the Featured Tracks.

8- Paradise feat. Hillary G, Suicidal, and Tinn Man

I really like the vibe of this beat, and Paradise is another track that is easily one of my favorites. Legacy, Suicidal, and Tinn Man brought it lyrically, giving the audience great content, delivery, flow, and mic presence in each of their verse. Hillary G sounds beautiful on the chorus, and really brings the song full circle for me. Paradise adds another slot to the Featured Tracks.

9- Rain Drops feat. Red, Baby Boy, and Lucky

Im a big fan of this slower styled beat definitely geared towards the ladies. The woman on the hook has a beautiful verse and sets the mood for the track. The guy singing on the first verse has a great voice and solid timing on the beat, but I am not too big of a fan when it comes to his content. Maybe because it was pretty predictable and a little too straightforward. Legacy has a great flow and brings this track to life with his lyrics. Nicely done. Rain Drops is a good addition to Moment Of Truth.

10- For The Money

I am feeling the beat. Legacy brings great stuff on this track for the audience, and turns the chorus into an opportunity to get everyone to sing along with it. This will be another track I keep in rotation, with wordplay, punchlines, and originality to a track that has a title many hip hop artists have used, or something similar at least. For The Money has no problem reaching the Featured Tracks list.

11- Outlaw feat. Big Tone

I really like the intro to this track. The beat has some intensity and urgency to it. The chorus is catchy and brings the song together nicely. Legacy’s verse includes some personal stuff and is easy to relate to for people who have had to brushes with the law. Big Tone reaches for the same bar Legacy raised on the first verse, and does a smooth job with his flow as he gets there. This track is solid from start to end and gives Legacy another slot filled on Moment Of Truth’s Featured Tracks list.

12- No Rear View feat. Tinn Man and KG Marley

The drums on this track are bonkers, and really easy to nod your head to. Legacy continues his high energy and constant connecting content. The chorus is cool, and paints the bigger picture of never looking back for the audience. The flow of Tinn Man is on point, has imagery, and stays on topic well. KG Marley has an incredible flow, but I dont feel his content is really creative and him seems to jump around with the topic the other two emcees had, which kind of disconnects the content. Solid addition to the album, though.

13- Dollar or Dimes feat. D Ray and Suicidal

Another slow paced beat, more of a rolling around in the car sort of feel. Opens up with a cool, relaxed vibe in the words of the chorus from D Ray. Legacy brings a hustlers mentality to his verse, still keeping the bar raised with his lyrically content, flow, and mic presence. Suicidal has incredible vocabulary, a solid flow, and begins the verse with some really great lines before beginning to get all over the place with his lyrics. Overall Dollars or Dimes is a good track, but could use some tweaking.

14- I Own It feat. Eazy Money

The beat here has a bouncy, dance kind of feel to it. Legacy goes in on the first and third verses, continuing the hustler mentality while keeping the content interesting and intellectual. Eazy Money is on the second verse and matches Legacy in every aspect of his verse. The chorus is catchy and fun, which appeals to just about everyone. I Own It will be selected for the Featured Tracks.

15- Outro

Once again, we have a slower styled beat with a relaxed, laid back feel to it. Legacy gives the audience three solid verses on a more somber note, with some personal issues surfacing in his lyrics. The chorus sums up the overall vibe of Legacy’s verses, which will be relatable to people who have gone through the struggle. Ending the album with a track like this helps connect with audience again. Nicely done.


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Featured Tracks

Never Make It, No Love In Me, Darker Side, Ventin’ pt. 5, Paradise, For The Money, Outlaw, and I Own It

The Write Up

After hearing Legacy featured on a few songs previous to listening to Moment Of Truth, I knew Legacy was talented and figured this album would have some solid content from am intellectual artist. I did not, however, expect to be as impressed with Legacy’s Moment Of Truth as I am. On the down side, I would’ve liked to see a little bit more beats with a faster pace, some of the featured artists didn’t really connect for me, and there’s not a truly monumental track on the album that would push it to classic status. Otherwise, this album is great and something I will be keeping in rotation. With the number of Featured Tracks out of the fifteen total songs on the album, there shouldn’t be any doubt how good Moment Of Truth really is. The Write Reviews will be looking forward to future projects from Legacy.

Star Status


(4 out of 5 stars)

Legacy was selected for the Artist of the Month!

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