Multiple Myselves

Multiple Myselves

Multiple Myselves cover art

Multiple Myselves cover art

An album by Ed Words

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The Intro

Through social media I met Ed Words and quickly found out we share a lot of the same interests, including our sense of humor. At first, I had no idea Ed Words was interested in recording hip hop music. It wasn’t until a year or so after I met him that I learned of this, and I honestly believe I assumed he would be making music in jest as opposed to taking it seriously. With “Multiple Myselves”, the album by Ed Words, we will find out if he is an artist to be taken seriously.


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The Album

1- Doctor’s Visit (Intro)

A funny intro to the album, I really enjoyed the humor behind the writing. This definitely sets the tone for the album and gives the audience an idea of what is in store for them. Unfortunately for me, every time I hear this it reminds me of Eminem’s introduction to Relapse, as the same patient/doctor situation was laid out and dark humor was brought forth.

2- Guess Who’s Back

This was a great opening track. The beat was intense, yet easy to bounce to as the song played on. The chorus consists of some scratching and cuts with familiar, older hip hop phrases mixed together, creating a unique sound that keeps your attention. Ed Words, an artist I have never heard before on a track, impressed me with his extensive vocabulary, multiple syllable rhymes, and punchlines that filled his three verses, and were delivered with a smooth flow that brought his energy to the ears of listeners in a captivating fashion. First actual song on the album, and we already have our first slot on the Featured Tracks list filled.

3- Do You Like It

Do You Like It has many funny lines throughout the song, which keeps things entertaining to say the least. The beat will practically force you to nod your head to it, and it is really easy to catch onto the lyrics of the chorus. Ed Words gives the audience punch line after punch line in this track, as he makes fun of different situations with women as well as the different women themselves. While many people may feel the content within the verses should he considered as over the top, I found this entire track humorous and Ed Words’ lyrical delivery completely held my attention from beginning to end. Do You Like It will join Guess Who’s Back on the Featured Tracks.

4- The Virus

This beat is intense and will definitely get the audience hyped up. One listen to it and I can say its one of my favorite instrumentals on the album. The intro and short skits between the verses is a nice little touch that creates more entertainment for listeners. The chorus is a little repetitive, but isn’t overdone. Ed Words swings for a lyrical home run in his three verses for The Virus, even more of an impressive display than I have heard so far. While his punchlines might not hit as hard as I feel they should have during the first two verse, punchlines and metaphors are delivered over and over, letting the audience and everyone else know he could hold his own in a battle against another artist. The skits helped add to the comedic angle Ed Words like to use, bringing another element to the track.

5- What It Is feat. Rucka Rucka Ali

Another intense beat, What It Is includes some fun and entertaining switches in sound throughout the track. The intro is comical and fitting for the song. Ed Words keeps everything interesting for listeners with different pitches and changes in his tone of voice, as well as delivering some very humorous lines that will earn some well deserved laughs. Each time I heard this song, though, I couldn’t help but think of how it seemed as if Ed Words was purposely trying to sound like Eminem. I am sure that was not his intention at all, but with that in the back of my mind, it took away from the creativity a little bit for me.

6- Retarded and Stupid

This beat has a lot of bounce to it, but still carries the same intensity as previous instrumentals, obviously a preference for Ed Words. The intro was pretty funny to me, especially the “I think Im pretty good at it” line. Setting a “get silly” tone from the beginning, Ed Words capitalizes on his specialty and turns the track into a comedy show. I found myself rapping the chorus by the end of the track, as its catchy and brings a dark humor that I find laughable. Retarded and Stupid is a solid addition to Multiple Myselves.

7- On The Block feat. Millyon and Jus Ra

This beat and chorus makes me move to it the very second it begins playing. A street anthem, a club banger, a lyrical slaughterfest… On The Block’s instrumental and chorus paves the way for just about any style of hip hop track you can think of. Millyon opens up with the first verse with a street style verse filled with lyrics about success and being able to get anything he goes after. Ed Words carries his comedic style through the second verse while representing for Detroit with an impressive flow that still has not stumbled throughout Multiple Myselves. It was a pleasant surprise to see Jus Ra featured in the third verse, as I reviewed his Blood Sacrifice album a couple of months ago. I have an issue with his vocal level, though, because of how low it sounded. When the gun shots laced within the instrumental ring out in the middle of Jus Ra’s verse, he is more background than foreground and could stand to be turned up during the rest of his verse. Jus Ra delivers the most lyrical verse of the three emcees, mixing metaphors and punchlines into his confident flow. Ed Words comes back onto the track, giving the audience a wickedly quick flow and deeper lyrical content to boot in an eye-opening fourth verse. For me, On The Block will be in rotation for years to come, despite the slight vocal volume issue. As you could have guessed, On The Block will also be listed in the Featured Tracks.

8- Militant Michigan Menace

Honestly, when I listened to this album the first time from beginning to end, it was Militant Michigan Menace that made me stop and say “Oh, he’s serious about this sh!t” out loud. Before this track, I just had this ‘he isn’t that serious about this’ kind of vibe. MMM made me change my mind, and fast! Hitting the number 8 slot without a beat, Ed Words flies through his lyrics with a flow nearly as fast as any Ive heard before, while still being able to sound precise, crisp, and clear to the audience. Metaphors, punchlines, and an incredible vocabulary hit the track like a train running full speed. The ‘bring it back’ part after several lines made me crack a smile, though I’ve heard stuff similar to that before on other songs. An impressive display of his flow and lyrical ability, Militant Michigan Menace might not have a song, hell it doesn’t even have a beat, but deserves a spot within the Featured Tracks.

9- Wake Up feat. Logos Soleil

The instrumental here is fast paced and intense, reminding me of something you might hear during a horror movie. Ed Words opens the song on the first verse with an extensive vocabulary paired with a timely flow. The chorus is a little too low in volume, making the dark and brooding delivery difficult to enjoy. Logos Soleil takes the second verse and swings for the fences with punch line  after punch line. Unfortunately, it sounds to me like his vocals are a little on the low side as well, simply because of how the highs of the piano keys seem to shine over his lyrics from time to time. Ed Words returns on the third verse and fires shots at recording companies and the corporate industry. Armed with enough solid points to relapse a junkie, Ed Words delivers his most direct, in-your-face verse on the album, and does so with ease.

10- Uncle Eddy’s New Move

This is one of the funniest skits I have ever heard on an album, and succeeds at making me laugh every single time I hear it. Uncle Eddy was able to learn one thing, at least, while he was incarcerated and he is ready to share what he’s learned wwith the world! I am a little confused how Uncle Eddy said ‘you should’ve seen your f*ckin face’ at the end when the conversation takes place over the telephone, though.

11- Wicked feat. Little Ry

I like the beat, its rough and gritty. Little Ry jumps onto the track with a great presence on the microphone and dark, twisted lyrics that add horror and gore to the album. The chorus is catchy, but not in a singing or club music type of way. On the second verse is Ed Words, who’s vocals clearly stand out on a track. He delivers gritty, hard ass lyrics while flowing with the beat. Nothing too fancy here, but sometimes it doesn’t have to be when the artist wants to give the audience a clear cut message. One of the shortest songs on the album, Wicked is a solid addition to Multiple Myselves.

12- Message from SLK

This was another skit that received a good laugh from me. Apparently SLK decided to call Ed Words, and when SLK was sent to the voice mail, he decided he would leave Ed a message. Not just any message, but a rather long, drawn out, extensive message that includes SLK rapping lyrics and saying some pretty funny, random stuff.

13- Higher Clouds feat. KB and Lyndsey Vestuto

The intro to this track reminds me of the Beastie Boys, without question. KB is the first emcee on the mic, and goes right into delivering lyrics about being high. The chorus is different and fun, and Lyndsey has a beautiful voice. Ed Words hits the audience with some personal lyrics that allow some emotional stuff to come out of him, which is a complete change from how most of the album has been. Higher Clouds is another solid addition to the album.

14- Without My Pen

One of my favorite, if not the favorite, tracks on the album. Everything Ed Words addresses to his listeners is completely relatable for me. The beat has a spooky, edgy sound, and a catchy chorus that relays the dark vibes of the music begins the track. Metaphors, punchlines, and lyrics that have a horrorcore feel to them are pushed through the speakers at the audience. Ed Words gives us a great song to conclude the album, and adds to the list of Featured Tracks for Multiple Myselves.


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Featured Tracks

Guess Who’s Back, Do You Like It, On The Block, Militant Michigan Menace, and Without My Pen.

The Write Up

Knowing Ed Words is a comedian, I expected to hear a lot of funny lines with dark and twisted humor, and I definitely found that throughout Multiple Myselves. I have to admit, though, that I guessed this wouldn’t be too serious of a project for Ed Words, that he would take it with a grain of salt and focus on pushing his humor. I was wrong, and by the time it is all said and done, I was very impressed. All jokes aside, Ed Words has a stand out voice and flows his lyrics as well as anyone else. His mic presence is solid. He delivers punchlines, metaphors, imagery, multiple syllable rhymes, an extensive vocabulary, and gritty lyrics throughout the album. Other than being reminded of Eminem a lot in some tracks (I would guess that Eminem was an influence on Ed Words in his younger years), Ed Words gives us a lot of energy and originality when it comes to concepts and development during Multiple Myselves. While his sound may not be for everyone, his lyrical talent cannot be disputed. More wordplay would be key to reaching another level of lyricism, as well as developing more of an impact with some of his punchlines. Multiple Myselves is a solid album, his ONLY album I believe, that should really open eyes when it comes to the capability Ed Words has with a microphone. It can only get better from here. I, for one, hope he is or will be working on another project in the future. If so, The Write Reviews will be there to let everyone know how it’s going down.

Star Status


(2.5 out of 5 stars)

Ed Words was selected to be one of our Featured Emcees!

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